make money online 2014

21 Ways to make money online free in 2014


I have written a lot of articles on how to make money online and if you are a newbie who is still confused on what is working, am here to let you know that almost all the methods published are working, it is up to you to figure out how to make it works! For example, affiliate marketing is still a profitable business, but over 80% of affiliate marketers fails. Also,  PPD (pay per download) is another way to make cash online, it is so simple that anyone can make $10 daily without investing a dime.

make money online 2014

make money online 2014

I tried the Pay Per Download some months ago to see how possible it is to make money with it, after reading some tutorial, I find myself a keyword that has around 800 local search, and build a one page blogger blog with a link to where they can download the premium software I am offering, without doing any SEO, I was able to rank for the keyword within 1 week, and am still making around $2 – $8 daily from that 1 blog with less than 300 words.

So, if you are serious about making money online, then you need to invest your time to make that first dollar and then move on from there.. Below I will share with you 20 sure way that you can earn money online even if this is the first time you are reading a make money online article, you can also check my resources on money making ideas you can implement instantly.

 make money online from home

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1. Make Money Online Surveys:

You can earn cash online just by giving opinion about services and sometimes completing offers. You do not need to invest any money before getting paid from doing survey, I have my top 3 ways teens and college students can earn online taking survey, meanwhile, the below 10 sites are trusted survey sites that anyone can join to start earning.

1. Opinion Outpost
2. Survey Spot
3. Dollar Survey
4. Toluna
5. My Survey
6. Survey Scout
7. Zoom Panel
8. Permission Research
9. Global Test Market
10. Survey Spot

There are lots of paid survey sites around, and most of them accept international members.

2. Get Paid to Answer Questions:

  Do you know you can earn money from the internet by answering questions? Some sites pay you for answering questions or just to give your professional advice. Everyone is an expert about something. You can see the list of sites that pay you for giving your opinion.

1. Web Answer
2. Small Biz Advice
3. Shvoong
4. Answer Gem
5. Ace College Classes
6. Live Person
7. Student of  Fortune
8. ChaCha
9. Askables
10. Just Answer

3. Make money online Freelancing:

What can you offer? Do you have any skill that can benefit anyone? Then it is time to become a freelancer and get paid for your services. Everyone have something that other people might need, if you can write quality article quickly, you can offer that as a service and get paid! I know of freelancers making around $400 to $1500 monthly writing articles. If you know how to design websites, you can also offer this as a service, if you know how to design custom bots, you can make money from it. There is a huge market for people who can offer their service online. Below is the list of trusted freelancing websites.

1. Fiverr
2. Elance
3. FasCinco
4. Task Army
5. Odesk
6. Freelancer

4. Customer Service:

Many companies are looking to hire people for customer service. All you would need is an Internet connection and landline to do the services and start earn passive income from the comfort of your home. Here are some online customer services companies that you can join:

  1. LiveOps
  2. Alpine Access
  3. Working Solutions


5. Get paid Writing Reviews Online:

make money online writing articles

Do you have a blog and you are getting traffic to it? Then it is time to monetize it by writing reviews. You can actually make money by writing review in your blog and get paid, the price ranges from $10 to $500 depending on some factors (ex. Your traffic stat, alexa rank, Page Authority, Domain Authority, Google Page Rank etc), all this play a major role in determining your site earning. The top sites that pay you to blog are:


1. Blogitive (closed or moved)
2. Buy Blog Reviews
3. In Blog Ads

4. Review Me
5. Smorty (closed or moved)
6. Linkworth
7. Opinion Outpost

8. Blogger Wave (closed or moved)
9. Blogging Ads (closed or moved)
10. Blogsvertise
11. Shared Reviews

12. Sponsored Reviews
13. PayU2Blog
14. Blog to Profit (closed or moved)
15. Dooyoo
16. Review Stream
17. Social Spart
18. Pay Per Post
19. Expo TV
20. Software Judge

6. Get paid writing article for revenue sharing sites:

When I started blogging,, I joined a lot of websites that pay for writing articles and best of all, it is a revenue sharing, that means, my articles will continue to bring in money every month for a very long period of time. In the month September, I received $69 from for articles I wrote some years ago! Talk of passive income online? The trusted revenue sharing sites as of 2013 are:

1. Inforbarrel
2. RateItAll
3. Mixx
4. Jevitt
5. SheToldMe
6. BestReviewer
7. TipDrop
8. Seekyt
9. Bukisha
10. SquidStop
11. Xomba
12. Hubpages
13. Squidoo
14. Snipsly
15. Flixya

7. Social Networks:

Some lists of social networks that will pay you for distributing their service.

1. My Likes
2. Mag Pie
3. Ximmy
4. FriendSwin
5. Budiz
6. Flixya
7. MyViewin
8. Sponsored Tweets

8. Sell Your Products: You can make extra money also by selling your own products that you’re currently not using. The great thing about online is you can sell pretty much anything. When selling your products I can compose a list of sites.

1. Craigslist
2. Amazon
3. eBay
4. Sell
5. BackPage
6. StopIt
7. Gazelle
8. Oodle
9. Zazzle
10. Etsy


9. Sell Your Images:

Are you a photographer? Then you can sell your photos online and make some extra cash. Below are some sites that pay you to upload your photos.

1. SnapVillage
2. BigStockPhoto
3. CluterShot
4. ShutterStock
5. Dreamstime
6. DepositPhoto
7. IStockPhoto
8. Futolia
9. StockExpert

10. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is one guarantee way of making money online, if you have built your website, then you need to monetize, and no matter your niche, there is a product to promote. Here are some affiliate sites you can join.

1. Commission Junction
2. Clickbank
3. ShareASale
4. Amazon Associates
5. eBay Partnet Network
6. E-Junkie
7. DigiResults
8. Google Affiliate Network
9. Linkshare

10. Get Paid For Shopping:

Do you shop online? Why not get paid while shopping? There are some sites that will give you cash back anytime you make a purchase. Some sites that offer cash back are:

1. MrRebates
2. Ebates
3. Swagbucks
4. Big Crumbs
5. Upromise
6. OfferMatic
11. Design and Sell Your Own Products:

Time to design your own product and make some spare cash online. List of places you can sell your design are:

1. CafePress
2. E-Shirt
3. ShirtCity
4. Etsy
5. ArtWeb
6. Threadless
7. Unbound
8. Gela Skins
9. Big Cartel
10. SpreadShirt
12. Society6
12. Buy Stocks Online:

Buying stock online is another way you can make money from the internet, here are a few sites that you can join to buy stock online.

1. E*Trade
2. TradeKing
3. ScottTrade
4. ShareBuilder
13. Passive Income With Your Blog:

This is one way I know you can earn passive income online from your blog, these sites pay you for placing their advert on your blog and anytime your visitor click on an advert, you get paid. You can also offer to cut out the middleman and offer direct advertising on your site.

1. Google Adsense
2. Yahoo Publisher Network
3. Bid Vertiser
4. Chitika
5. Clicksor

14. Donation Button:

Do you have a website that attracts a lot of visitors? Then you can kindly ask your readers to donate to you to help keep the blog going.

15. Sell your service on Forum

Do you have a service that you would want to offer? Like article writing, seo and selling your custom made software/bot? There are a lot of internet marketing forums that are hungry to see new services that works. If you can offer what you promise, then your bank will break.

16. Application/Software Testers:

can i make money online?

A lot companies pay you for testing their apps before releasing it to the public, your work is to report any bugs found while testing the software. Utest is one of the many companies that pay you for the services and you can also offer this service on freelancing sites.

17. Flip Domains:

You can buy expired domains and then flip them for some cash, but before you can buy them, you need to see if they have been penalized by google.

18. Make Money With Adsense:

Adsense is another way you can earn money from your blog, I make about $1000+ monthly from my websites using adsense, if you know how to write articles, seo’d on your blog, and then rank for your keywords, you are on your way to build passive income online.

19. Read Emails:

I have not personally done paid to read emails, but this has been on for a long period of time and this shows they are making money from the venture, don’t join any paid to read email sites that promise to pay you $2 – $10 for reading a single email. It is never going to be possible! No advertiser will pay that amount for reading 1 email. If you go through such site, and you browse through the Advertisers area, you will see them offering the advertisers $0.05 per email read, how then can they pay you $10 for reading the same email?

Most of the trusted paid to read email that has been in business for a long time and are paying are:


Note: you will not earn a lot of money reading emails, but every cents adds up faster than you think.

20. Paid Forums

Get paid posting on forums, back then, I always make money from paid to post forums, but liberty reserve has been short down, so I don’t do forum posting again, but am sure users can still use it to make some quick cash online, most of them will be paying with payza, perfect money and solidtrustpay. If you are looking for forums that you through paypal for posting, then postloop is for you. You can easily make more than $5 daily with postloop. See my detailed tutorial on it here-> Make money online with Postloop


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I Am Frank Joseph - I work fully online, building businesses online is my passion.
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  1. Leo @Newbiesup
    Leo @Newbiesup says:

    A great article here, very rich in the methods variety.
    It may cost you additional hours but I think it can be better if you can add links to each method you are referring to.


  2. Himanshu Katiyar
    Himanshu Katiyar says:

    i think you have mention all methods possible but my friend i wanna ask you something is there any ad network which can be considered as like google adsence but less conditions to approval

  3. Himanshu
    Himanshu says:

    Hello Frank,

    Nice tips for making money online… I don’t know most of them, you have given me a new way to earn money… Keep posting such stuff…

  4. Dean Saliba
    Dean Saliba says:

    Great list you have here Frank. I thought I would let you know that Blogitive, Smorty, BloggerWave, Blogging Ads & Blog to Profit closed years ago or have moved into new directions. 🙂

  5. Chris P
    Chris P says:

    Bubblews is a cross between a content writing and social media site. It pays people $.01 for every view and like they get for their content. I did not notice it listed on any of the lists above. Some people have complained about not getting paid, but I’ve had no problems.

  6. Alexis D.
    Alexis D. says:

    I have tried those “read emails and get paid” websites and they are just a bunch of scams as far as i am concerned. They just want to push surveys and offers where you have to buy products from the many different companies pushing their products. A huge waste of time for those of us who do not want to buy this and buy that just to get paid a measly few cents!!!

  7. Linda
    Linda says:

    This is some of the most original making money information I have read. Seems like everyone is pushing affiliate marketing. I did try the survey route but never made any money doing it. Thanks for the great information.

  8. Polly
    Polly says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for putting together such a comprehensive list of online money making strategies. … this is the best one I’ve come across and I’ve read thousands over the last couple of years! A couple of newer things you may want to add under “sell your own things” would be Listia and searching under Facebook groups by entering the name of your county and swap shop (ex:Duplin county swap shop) and ask to join the group and sell to all local people?? Also as I read through the comments I noticed you mentioned a couple of years ago that you were going to add links after each site you mentioned but it doesn’t show up with any links on my mobile browser! 🙁 One last suggestion would be to add ads that you get paid for to this post! Also I wanted to ask one quick question…. what would you say is the best/easiest site to use to start a blog to eventually use to make money with, when you have absolutely no blogging or web design experience? Thanks in advance for all of your knowledge, advice, and expertise. … keep up the great work! 🙂

    • frank joseph
      frank joseph says:

      First, thanks Polly for commenting! No, I was not paid for this post! Although I would have loved to 😀
      Starting a blog is simple, easy and fast, you don’t need to know anything about web design, graphic design, etc.

      If you ask me how to really make money online like a pro. Then here is what i will do.
      1. Research and find keyword(s) that will be profitable and rankable – See my detailed post on it.

      2. Buy domain/hosting. I recommend bluehost as it is cheap and you can host unlimited sites on it. (moneyhomeblog is on it as well as many of my niche sites)

      3. Install wordpress, install theme.

      4. Start writing about the keywords. (To know how to start, see what your competitors are doing/writing, and improve on it)

      5. After a month or more, you can start building links gradually and manually.

      6. Hire a company to Do your SEO.

      7. Trust me, if you start ranking on the top 1 to 5 position on your keyword, you will start making $$$ per month.
      If you have any question(s), please ask i will answer them.

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