4 Free Tool to Create Sales Video for Your Pitch!!!


4 Free Tool to Create Sales Video for Your Pitch: 4 Free Tool to Create Sales Video for Your PitchIn this era, video is one of the best way to market your product, you can reach thousands of potential customers with your video if it is stunning. So here i will be sharing 4 website for creating stunning videos that will make your video stand out of the crowd, and the good thing is that you can create this stunning video for free or for just a few pennies-

1. Flixpress.com
flixpress has a large collection of video templates you can choose from and mix it to one video. Most templates prices start from 1$ and you will need about 4-6 for a 1 minute video.

2. sparkol.com
Create whiteboard video with the effect of the hand that draws and writes. You need to download and install the software in your system, and sparkol.com is very easy to use, and there’s a 7-days free trial for you to try it out. you can try it by CLICKING HERE, see how you can make money creating animated videos Here.

3. Goanimate.com
goanimate is online service that allows user to easily create nice and funny animation videos with simple drag and drop tools. The free version doesn’t allow downloading the video, but you can run and record it, it is cheap to get download the video.

4. Animoto.com
Animoto.com does not need intro, it is among the best video tool, a lot of cool video templates you can use with images, footages and text. The free version allows up to 30 seconds videos and limited features, but they also have pretty cheap plans which you can choose from.

I will be sharing a tutorial on how to create stunning videos.

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