Adsense Niche Site Case Study 2017 – How to From Scratch

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Finally, the wait is over! I welcome you to Adsense Niche Site Case Study 2017 and am going to share with you everything you need to know on launching a New niche site.


We are supposed to be doing Amazon Niche site case study not Adsense? Yes. I anonymously decided to go with an adsense case study for the first 3 months (January to March) and start another case study on amazon website.

Join me now as I build an Adsense Niche website from SCRATCH!

adsense niche site case study

Adsense niche site case study Plan

Keyword Research

I have the following Keyword research tools: and While searching for an easy to rank amazon keyword(KW), I came across a KW that can be monetize with adsense and it is going to be extremely easy! That is not all, it has 135k monthly search and a lot of secondary keywords. Combing all of the search will bring it to 200k.

The keyword is not buyer intend, but will see how to monetize it with CPA and other affiliate programs. But for the first few months, we will focus on adsense.

Do you know Keyword Researching is SO Simple?

We have a lot of tools to help us with researching. And if you are not ready to invest in a KW tool, you can go with google keyword planner

When you make use of Google KP, you will need to manually analyse the top 10 site on your chosen KW. This will help you to know the competition.

However, you can skip all that and subscribe for Keywordrevealer (which is the cheapest), with $9 a month, you could research all the keywords you want to. And cancel the subscription after the first month.

The benefit of KR

  1. It will enhance your KW research
  2. Find the keyword difficulty of each keyword
  3. Help you find more related keywords you can target
  4. Analyse top 10 site backlinks, PA/DA, social shares, etc.
  5. It is a time saver.

But, before that, we need to find our seed KW.

Where to find Seed Keyword?

You could come up with anything like; Car, and start from there… What are the things you like searching on google? Find the site, insert the KW into KR and your keyword research has commenced.

You can also get your SEED KW from authority websites like;,,, etc.

Ensure you go with a Keyword that the competition is below 20 if possible (below 30 is still okay) but you might need just content to push it to the top 20.

So here is my Focus KW

keyword research for niche site

The primary KW has 135,000 monthly search and it is estimated to be making $446 when ranked. Take it with a pinch of salt, it could be way more than that. So when you are researching don’t bother about about the estimated profit. Let your focus be on the monthly search, the keyword trend, the KW difficulty.

And After clicking on the Evaluate, here is the result.

adsense niche site case study - keyword researchadsense niche site case study - keyword research

As you can see, the Keyword Difficulty for the 135k monthly search is 29 – which is extremely low for such amount of M/S keyword.

Also, the top 10 ranking websites has low Page Authority and Domain Authority. I can see some websites has PA of 1 to 25. which is good. And 4 websites has DA 1 to 30. I can fight!

Some of the top pages ranking for this keyword are not actually targeting the KW, or they optimized properly for it. I also think this is to my advantage.

The next stage is to purchase Domain and hosting;

So, our KW is ready and we are certain we will be ranking for this phrase in the next 4 to 6 months and start making minimum of $100+ monthly from adsense.

Where Do I buy my domain name?

I make use of namebright, namecheap,, (make sure you find a coupon/promo code when purchasing to get some % off)


I have hosting package already at namecheap, siteground and bluehost. If you are starting out, i recommended any of them.

Setting up of the Site

When our domain and hosting package are ready, the next thing is to install wordpress via cpanel. we have a lot of guide on that ready. Install a beautiful wordpress theme and your site is ready.


I suck at writing, hence am going to outsource my article writing to my in-house write and we will uploading 10k words of articles for the first 1 month – this will cost about $250.


Am going to update this post again and add some necessary resources.

KW = Keyword
KR = Keywordrevealer
PA = Page Authority
DA = Domain AuthorityKP = Google Keyword Planner

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I Am Frank Joseph - I work fully online, building businesses online is my passion.
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  1. Monday Rose
    Monday Rose says:

    I was eager to see your amazon case study. But nonetheless, adsense is a money maker and it is something i want to learn how to do also.

    My problem is how to know the market to target.
    Good luck and I will be following.

  2. Shakhawat
    Shakhawat says:

    What will be the total budget to complete the site? I believe major costing involve in content. What is the best way to outsource the content?


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