Backlink Generator Tips

Backlink Generator Tips

Backlink Generator Tips

In my search to get this website ranked as high as possible, I have become a backlink generator machine recently, posts have taken a step back, backlinking is my current focus.

The more I come to understand about SEO and getting a website ranked higher up in Google, and so far my knowledge is pretty limited still, the more I have so far realised one thing, excellent content is not good enough, you will also require a lot of backlinks to get your site ranked high up on Google and the other search engines.

After purchasing Long Tail Pro and following all the great advice about finding long tail keywords, my content has floated about on various Google pages, mainly in the middle pages, some on page two and three and for one day or so I did hit page one for of one my articles…but consistent success has alluded me thus far.

The first sign of madness is repeating the same mistake over and over again…so I decided to change my approach.

For the moment, I have stopped trying to crank out 2 or 3 articles a week for this website, I have over 80 articles uploaded all built around long tail keywords and I am happy enough with the content that has been created so far.

For now, I am focusing on growing my brand, website backlinks and my profile.

How am I doing this?


This video on YouTube explains more about the importance of backlinks:


The various methods I have been using so far to create backlinks are:



Let’s break down each method and idea as little more.


This approach is time-consuming and can be very hit and miss…mainly miss. For every blogger or website owner that you approach about posting a guest article on their website you will probably receive a reply back with a “No” or “You can publish an article on my site, my price for guest posts is x“you then occasionally get a “Yes” back and that is a brilliant moment!

So far, out of about 50 emails sent I have received 5 “YES” emails which has resulted in 5 guest post articles on authority sites which results in me in receiving:

  1. A new audience on from another persons blog / website, hopefully those people will then be interested in the content that I am producing, take a look at my site and then return back to Money Earning Ideas in the future.
  2. A juicy backlink to my website from an authority site.

This approach a great backlink generator!

You can read two of my guest articles here and here.



Are you aware of what the phrase “Web 2.0” means? Basically it refers to sites such as , , etc. big blogging type websites which are hugely popular with both bloggers and readers, so big in fact that they basically become a version of the internet in their own right, and this means that it is another excellent backlink generator.

I have published articles on & along with answering questions on , this has helped in a trickle of extra traffic at this point but it provides more links to my site, and that is more great link juice.



One way to get some extra traffic sent to your site it purchase expired domain names. Ideally the domains need to have a high page authorty and a high domain authoity, both of which you can check on via

I purchased some expired & domains, both have had high PA and DA but had been left to expire by the previous owner allowing me to snap them for a really low fee! I have started to publish some relevant content on these domains and will then add links back to for some extra backlinks. Another great backlink generator!



Entering your website in to RSS directorys can really help drive traffic to your blog, it can be very time consuming to sit and manually enter your RSS feed in the various directories on offer but the results can really help your website in the search engine results as well.

Basically, if you enter your RSS feed into an RSS directory, everytime you publish your content it will automatically be shown in the directories and every person that is subscribed to the directory will be notified. Easy.

I must admit to cheating on this approach…. I paid somone on to do this for me, they entered my website RSS feed into 20 quailty RSS directorys, this saved me a bunch of time and all for the low cost of just $5

That is a no brainer! And another great backlink generator.


If I have learnt anything about SEO in this rather short period of time since I started Money Home Blog it is this one thing…SEO is VERY difficult to predict!

In most cases any results would take at least a few weeks to see, sure on the odd occasion you can see your rankings move quickly in the search engines depending on how competitive the keywords you are looking to rank for are, but in most instances it would be weeks before you start to see positive results.

What I have noticed so far though is the more keywords that you rank for, the quicker you then start to rank for the new keywords that you are adding to your site, so in theroy the hard work that you continue to put in to your website the quicker you should be rewarded once you get over that initial first hurdle of ranking for any words.

He is my current status over at


And below are my current keyword stats:


As you can see from the above information, I only started to rank for the keywords on this website in December 2016, I started the site in July 2016, since then I have ranked for approx 90 keywords in total.

The stats on SemRush tend to fluctuate a lot, sometimes heavily, and sometimes on a daily basis, but as long as the stats keep moving in the right direction, you know that you are on the right track.


By using Long Tail Pro I can figure out which keywords I can try and rank. That part is easy enough for most people to do. BUT the real problem I am now facing, and it will be very difficult to figure out, is how I get in the top 10 on Google for my chosen keywords.

As you can from the above chart on SemRush, I have a few keywords ranking between numbers 11-20. So my next investigation into the world of SEO is how to push those keywords on to the magic page which is number one on Google. That is where the big hits will then start showing up on my stats. Once I figure that out, which I will, I will be sure to publish another post showing you how to do it!