Blog Income Report For July 2016 (Amazon Affiliate Income)

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Why do bloggers share their income reports? There are many reasons and am going to highlight a few of them. Meanwhile, here is my blog income report for July 2016 all from my amazon affiliate websites.

Why Do Bloggers Share their income report?

Blog Income Report For July 2016 (Amazon Affiliate Income)

1. One reason is to inspire other upcoming bloggers. (And a lot more reasons)

And that is why am sharing mine here. I remembered many years ago, I would wonder if this making money online is all hyped. And I read bloggers income reports, follow their case studies, replicate their success and today (2016) am making over $3,000+ per month from Adsense, Amazon affiliate, sponsored posts etc.

Brand New Case Study on How to Build Amazon Niche Website

But for this income report, we will focus on amazon earnings only. But before we get to that… Something is cooking! I see a lot of new bloggers are still wondering if this internet marketing still works. The answer is YES! So am going to start a BRAND NEW CASE STUDY on how to build amazon niche site from the ground up and start making $300 to $500 within 4 months.

Would you like to be part of this case study? Would you build a niche site if you are given an easy to rank keyword? Well, am going to give out 2 very easy to rank amazon keyword, but there is a catch, you will share your progress here on and together in 4 months time, we will all be making money from our niche sites.


You will need investment for Content, Social Media, SEO services. This could cost about $600. So we will be spending about $150 per month until we reach the top 10 for our targeted keywords.

If at the end of 30 days, I didn’t get interested persons, I will do this myself and still share the failure/success here. I just want you all to know that making money from affiliate marketing is so possible even in 2016.

Now to my Blog income report for July 2016

I know this is what we are waiting for. I made over $1,000+ in July 2016 from 2 amazon niche websites and you can see the screenshot below;

Blog income report for July 2016

Listing my website for sale on Empire Flippers

I have sold a few sites at and this time, I want to sell one of my website that is making $380+ per month on empireflippers. Looking to sell it for 24x plus the monthly earnings. Unlike flippa where bidders will bid 10x to 15x plus.

For those interested to sell their website at empireflippers, here is how to go about and how it.

You NEED to have three months proven earnings history or they won’t list your website. They then usually do a 24x average but you only get 85% of that and also have to pay a $249 listing fee.

So if your site makes $200, $300, $400 the average will be $300. They list it at 24x$300=$7200. But you only keep 85% the rest is commission. So you get $7200*0.85= $6120 you also have to pay the $249 listing fee… They are expensive…

I will share my experience in a future blog post on how much I sold the website and how long.

Before I round up, here are some of the things you need to get started with your own blog.

1. A Niche/Keyword(s) to build your site on

2. Domain and Hosting

3. Articles

4. Social signals, SEO etc.

With all this in place. You will start earning from your niche site within 4 months. (If you chose a difficult niche, it could take up to 1 year plus. But the good thing is; if you build it right. It will earn).

Do you enjoy my blog income report for July 2016? Then share it with your friends on social networks. If you have any questions. Ask away. God Bless you.


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