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Having a good content marketing effort can be very demanding especially if you don’t have a wide reach in the beginning, and that’s why it’s a very good idea to make sure that you use the proper tools that can help you in this regard.

PersonaTool is indeed such an application and it allows you to improve the way you perform your content marketing unlike never before.

What PersonaTool is and how it helps your content marketing effort?

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The first thing to note about the PersonaTool all is that it comes with its own browser and it allows you to ease your content marketing efforts from there.

You have to download and install it, then you will open the app within the browser and here you can create as many personas as you want.

Creating different personas will allow you to not only generate traffic from different countries, but you can also understand how the user experience differs.

Some countries have blocking tools that don’t help you access social marketing, blocked videos and so on but with PersonaTool everything is a lot easier.

Usage and performance

While using this great content marketing app I had no problem with the installation, usage or configuration. It’s very easy to customize and choose what you want from the app, and honestly the tool does a really good job in helping you modify each persona as you want.

You get to change the country, browser language, name, user agent as well as other important information. The ability to test IPv6 connections is a very good feature and one that does manage to stand out thanks to the accuracy and results that it delivers for web developers.

The fact that they use cloud providers makes it a lot easier to access the app from anywhere you want and since you have a history and log it’s very simple to see what data you keep and what you remove. This is a great tool for content marketing and it does manage to bring in front some incredible possibilities.

Customizability and ease of use

When it comes to the interface and the way you use Persona Tool, I was really impressed at how easy it can be even for a non-tech person to customize the experience and modify it as they want.

It’s a real treat and one that does pay off quite a lot in the long run. I am very impressed with the ability to boost and test your content marketing from various countries and the fact that you can maintain your persona logged in does manage to help boost your SEO efforts as well.


Pushing content up is very hard and many times you will find this to be very demanding. Thankfully, with PersonaTool you get to do all of that and so much more in a great and refined manner.

I found it to be a great content marketing and web development helper, so if you really want to boost your digital marketing efforts and test your site in various regions all over the globe, then this is the best way to do it!

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