Get Free Backlink with this 20 High Dofollow websites list: Update 2013

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Most webmasters are struggling to get do-follow backlinks to their website, but sometimes you might find it hard to locate high quality dofollow websites where you can drop your comment and get dofollow link pointing to your website, and here on, i have decided to keep listing the best sites that accept comments.

But if you want your comment to stick and not removed, it is important that you read or scan through the post and then post quality long sentence… personally i don’t accept comments that are short and not relevant to the post. And for those who are just spamming, i only press the delete button and everything will go into the loop.

Why commenting on dofollow blogs is good, i always advice people who want to do their SEO to diversify, one of the best and trusted way to get good backlinks to your blog is by writing guest post on your niche. If you don’t have time for seeking out this websites, then you can contact me, and i will help you connect to a buy who do this manually. And you get your posts on 10 websites of Pagerank 4+. DO you know you can get pagerank 3+ by just getting backlinks from Authority websites? The price starts from $80 for 10 posts. etc (if you are interested, contact me here)

google pagerank

google pagerank

Get Free Backlink with this 20 High Dofollow websites list: Update 2013

I will be updating this post and also share with you a huge list of dofollow blogs where you can drop your comments and get it autoapprove.

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Another list of do-follow websites that accept comments.

If you must know, this websites are editorial websites and if you spam them, your comments will be removed and you have wasted your time.
Google Pagerank is expected to come up on the 27th June, 2013- 7th July, 2013 and if you can build high dofollow backlinks to your site, then you can actually increase your blog google rank. As at this time, is pr0 now and i believe it will increase in the coming google PR. I have build some quality do-follow backlinks 😀
Do you know other blogs that accept comments?
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    • frank joseph
      frank joseph says:

      The high the pagerank, the much easier it will be to rank for your keywords. the ranking of the Google PR starts from Pr-N/A, Pr-0 to Pr-10.
      If you get one back link from a pagerank-7 site to your site, it is much better than getting 2,000 links from pr1 or 2 sites.

  1. Mr naijaname
    Mr naijaname says:

    Hey Frank! Thanks for the list. I also
    have another High PR forum to get
    Free Backlink. It’s pretty easy.
    You can add REMOVED also gud

  2. lilian
    lilian says:

    Nice work. You made your research and that makes you stand out unlike some other sites. Thanks for this list you’ve made my day.

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