Goal Setting for 2014: How to become a successful blogger


Goal Setting for 2014: How to become a successful blogger
A lot of people are already setting goals on what they are expecting to achieve in the year 2014, every bloggers are “hoping that 2014 will be a better year”. This sound great? But do you know that 99% of them will stay stuck in their rut? Here I am going to list 3 things to avoid falling into the 99% that will not achieve their GOALS in 2014!

Goal Setting for 2014: How to become a successful blogger

If you read what bloggers/people are saying above, you will agree with me that “hoping” for something to changes will not work. All of that is just “wet dreaming” unless you have a PLAN in place, you are going to be stuck where you are until we enter 2015 and you start all the “hoping” again. This is not for bloggers only, but it apply to everyone who want to achieve their goals in 2014.

So here are 3 things you need to do if you want to actually reach your goals in 2014 and then at the end of the year, you will look back and say to yourself, “I made it!”


Doing the same thing over and over again will not produce new results! Get out of your comfort zone and try new things. You might fail over and over again, but as you keep trying out new methods there is 99% chance that you will eventually succeed.

When you start getting comfortable in your “comfort zone” that is the worst thing to happen to someone. Some bloggers get a site up and they are already ranking for all their keywords, they feel comfortable that they own the search for that particular keyword. Well, once that happens you will let your guard down and your competitors are going to catch up with you soon than you thought and then beats you down! Don’t relax, build more powerful links, write more unique content and then you are going to be the boss!

Now, a lot of people are afraid of failing so they never try new things, don’t let that get in the way. If you fall and crash, just get up, and do it again. I personally tried building a lot of niche websites in 2013 and some were a total failure and some so successful. So don’t get discourage on what people are going to say if you don’t achieve what you planned.

2. Work, Work and Work!

Babe Ruth said and I quote: “It is so hard to beat a person who never gives up.”

I read what one of the top blogger said and I think everyone needs to apply that in their blogging career, he said, “Am always working to beat the other guy” sound simple huh? Somewhere, some place around the world or in your neighborhood, there is somebody willing to work harder than you, and do whatever it takes to win. These group of people that know this secret will always be at the top of their career. You can pray all you want, you can keep hoping and dreaming, you can read all the books on positive thinking… etc. but nothing will out-perform work and hustle. Absolutely NOTHING!

A lot of people want a change in their life, career, their school, their relationships, but when given the tips on how to make things work out, they throw it away into the craps and keeping HOPING that things will work out just the way they planned or wish for.

A lot of people will not work and yet they need a raise, hell no, things don’t work out that way, you need to keep grinding until you achieve that goals you have set up. Don’t be among those groups of people that make excuses as to why things are not working for them.

Some bloggers makes excuses as to why they are at a disadvantage or why they think some bloggers out there have better chance of  “making it” that is just plain “stupid”. It all boils down to who is willing to WORK the hardest. Nothing can outperform a solid work ethic. Simple as A.B.C.

Don’t say you are going to do something…. just do it!

3. Balance your work life

After telling you how to out-perform the ‘other guy’ am going to tell you again why you need to take a break once in a while. Working 7 days a week, 24 hours without taking some time off, will do more harm than good. You need to go find something that will help you stay focus. Take one day off each week. Forget about what kind of update google will be bringing to the table next, forget about your emails, forget about everything that will stress your mind and spend the day with your family and friends.

This will help you to recharge and then come back with more determination to tackle that problem. Bloggers sits in front of the computer a lot daily which not healthy at all, so you can do some physical activities- I personally love going to the gym every day before work! If you can, hit the gym every morning before work or after work – not only is going to the gym healthy, but it will also help you to work better and become more productive. Your eating and exercise play a major role on your business. If you eat the right kind of food and work out daily, you will have more energy to keep working hard and smart.

Bonus: Reward Yourself for the Hard Work:

Now after working so hard, you can always reward yourself for the hard work that you have done. Make sure you buy something special for yourself or for your loved one’s don’t just work and work and not take out the time to reward yourself, soon or later, you are going to give up! But if you buy that thing you have always been dreaming off, if you go spend your weekend at that resort you have been thinking off. You will see how that will boost you to keep working.

I have done a lot of split testing in my blogging career, and am very much glad how things work out in the year 2013. Am setting new goals and of course, it will only become a success if I don’t just sit here and hope. But go out and put things in motion.

You want to be successful blogger? Then all you need is right in your hands!

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