Journey to $200 a month using Amazon and Adsense


Journey to $200 a month using Amazon and Adsense

I decided to do build a niche site that will be earning $200 monthly with Amazon and Adsense, although the main purpose of the site is to sell amazon products. If you recall, I did a niche challenge with some bloggers and it was semi-successful and semi-failure, the reason why it is a failure, is we are yet to hit the first page for our targeted keyword and semi successful because we are ranking in the top 20 to 30. (To make money with your site, you need to be ranking in the top 5 for your targeted keyword).

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Anyways, the niche was a public one shared by Tung Tran of and I felt I need to be creative a little by do my own keyword research. That is exactly what I did. I spend about 2 hours searching for amazon buying keywords and then I came up with keywords that will be easy to rank!


I have been building niche site about a year ago and I have made a few mistakes as well as have a few success- currently one of my niche site is making about $50 monthly from adsense and am looking to add more articles to it and see if it will shoot up to $150/month. I also have authority website making money from adsense and selling my own products and offering my service. Right now I want to show anyone who is procrastinating that if they could just take the time to START today, in 3 months time, they will be reaping the result or learn where they go wrong and then build a better site.

What is the Goal of this project

The goal is a simple one, to make $200 per month with amazon and Adsense for a medium competition keyword that has in total best amazon products to promote this summer6k search per month. Like I said above, the keyword looks a little easy to rank for, so I will be doing a minimal SEO on it.

Am going to reach this goal in 2/3 months time, I will report my success and failure here- if I achieve my goal, I will be flipping the site to get more money to build authority site that will making about $100 daily. So I need a lot of money to hire content writer, seo service, etc.

What I have done so far

The total money I will spend on this project is $150 or less.

Here is what I have done so far;

Bought the domain from godaddy with one of the godaddy coupon codes – $2.17

Order for 6 articles of 500 words each – $30

I will publish the articles all in one day and wait for them to get index. After a week, I will order for another set of 6 articles. 70% of the article will be reviewing the products am promoting and the other 30% will be information article regarding the products.

Install wordpress and added all the necessary plugins.

My next goal is to create a twitter, facebook page, google plus account for the site and I have a pinterest board of 6500 real people and the niche is kind of related to women, so I hope I will get traffic from

How I plan to promote the niche site.

I said above that all I will spend on this niche site is just $150 and since about $70 has gone with article and domain name, I have about $80 left, so I will order for SEO service that cost $40. This project is going to be a success and trust me you will see my amazon earning screenshots very soon.

I won’t be reviewing the keyword for now as I spend about 2 hours to come up with them, publishing them here will only increase the competition. :D

I will update this weekly until I have reach my goal.

Now your turn:

Am still learning about niche sites and therefore am open for suggestion from other bloggers who are already successful in building niche sites. Is there something you want to see included in the next update? Please get connected with me via the comment section.

I have made some progress and you would love read my latest update on this journey!

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