How to Find Inner Pages Page Rank of a Website for Free

How to Find Inner Pages Page Rank of a Website for Free: Google has recently updated the pagerank toolbar of all websites, some websites got a high page rank while others got reduced. And I know a lot of bloggers must have checked theirs. For bloggers who are not aware yet, and has not checked their PR, you can do so from HERE.

Getting a higher pagerank for your blog depends on the backlinks you built to your site, if you build high quality backlinks, you get high PR. See my previous on how to increase your site PR. Today I want to share with you how to check different PR given to the homepage of  a site as well as the inner pages, this is important if you are looking to comment on high PR blog posts or if you want to buy a do-follow link from a related page. If a site has lots of pages, checking the inner pagerank will not be easy, however, I want to discuss how you can easily check the inner PR of any site.

You don’t need to buy any premium software to perform this task, there are few free software/plugin/addons that can do this, but I want. If you know the inner pagerank of your blog, you can use it to link to your homepage therefore passing more juice to your homepage, and am pretty sure in the next Google PR update you will get a lift.

How to Check PR of a Blog Inner Pages using SeoQuake and Google Search

How to check PR of Inner Pages of a Website

SeoQuake plugin is one plugin every blogger/webmaster should have on their PC, aside from checking the inner pagerank of a site, it has other features that you’ll love after installing. The best part is that the plugin is FREE, and it works on Firefox and Google Chrome browsers to.

download SeoQuake plugin and install it on our browser and then restart your browser. After restarting your browser, you will find a “SQ” button at the right side of your browser, ensure it is enable before it will work.

You can check any site inner blog pages by visiting the site and clicking on the google icon on your PC or visit and then enter this search term: (replace the with the website url you want to search for.) If I want to search for my website I will do the following;

You will see the inner pagerank of each search results under the result, like the homepage of is PR3, and other follows, so you can always use this method to check your blog inner pages PR and also the pagerank of any site you want to comment on.


Blog commenting still play a major role in increasing the Google PR of your site, even though most of them are Nofollow, however some sites installed premium comluv plugins that enable commenter to have a do-follow link if the share the post to their social followers. Don’t forget to read my post on how I increase my site google PR to PR3.

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  1. Nice sharing bro.. Frankly speaking, I really don’t know about this thing, I will try this plugin for finding inner page rank of my website… keep posting such stuff…

  2. Hi,

    We almost forgot about Google PageRank before it was finally updated after almost 10 month, but thank God it was finally updated and knowing how our blog inner PageRank has increased is indeed a great move and this will definitely help bloggers to know how its blogging is doing.

    1. Almost every blogger gave up on google toolbar update… but we are happy to know it is still around and i see you got a pr2! congratulations.
      Yeah, it is important to know our inner pages pr.

  3. Hello,

    Informative post, I think I’ve used SeoQuake only for 1 time but never know that it has awesome features. Indeed it can be used to check inner pages PR..


  4. Hi Frank,

    Seoquake is great free tool available online. You very well use to analyize different parameters of your blog as well as your competitores. I am using it from a long and it is a fab. tool.

    Thanks for sharing the information.

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