How to Find Profitable Keywords With Zero Competition With Loads Of Searches

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How to Find Profitable Keywords With Zero Competition With Loads Of Searches:

If you are having hard time doing keyword research and finding low competition keywords with high volume of searches. This will help you get Easy to Rank keyword but i will not go in detail on how to do SEO, how to set up your wordpress, writing content for your niche site etc. But am sure if you use the Search Button available here on you are going to get more tips on how to rank your keyword.
With the keywords we find, it can be monetize with adsense, Amazon, CPA or clickbank products. There are lot of affiliate program out there that you can use to monetize your keyword.

how to build a niche site

The first step of doing any keyword research is having a seed keyword. Let’s assume my niche is “back acne”. So my seed keyword is “back acne”. Now what I do is I brainstorm 10-15 keywords related to back acne. I use Google for brainstorming. I just type in “back acne” and its variations one by one into Google and note down the most relevant keywords. This takes about half an hour depending upon the complexity of the keyword.

How I Find Keywords With Almost Zero Competition With Loads Of Searches

In this example I’m going to take the following keywords as my seed keywords.

  • Back acne
  • Back acne scars
  • Back acne causes
  • Back acne during pregnancy
  • Back acne bodywash
  • Back acne home remedies

Not that this is just an example. You should take 15-20 keywords as your seed keywords. Now you’re going to need a couple of tools.

You will have to buy Long tail Pro to get the keywords (Read my Long Tail Pro Reviews) and Stealth Competition Analyzer to analyze the keywords and find those golden nuggets that we all crave so much. You’re also going to need Market

Samurai (or Traffic Travis) but you can use the 40 day trial over and over so no need to buy it.

You can substitute Google’s keyword tool for Long tail pro but I would recommend LTP (Long Tail Pro) just because of the sheer number of keywords that it pulls out.

So this is what I do.
I open up LTP and enter my main niche keyword and select USA as the country.

How I do my Keyword Research

After creating the campaign I enter in the keywords that I brainstormed using Google and login to Adwords in LTP: (I’m logged in already)
Then I change match type to [Exact] and apply the following filters:

Average local searches (min 700. Max 5000)
Number of words(3 min, max 10)
How I Find Keywords With Almost Zero Competition With Loads Of Searches

For me those filters work perfectly fine. Anything above these numbers of local searches and the competition increases. But these are my personal settings, you can increase/ decrease them as you wish. Now I just click on Generate Keywords and set the tool off do its thing.

After it’s done I export the results and then copy the keywords and paste them into Google keyword tool and download the file as CSV.
How I Find Keywords With Almost Zero Competition With Loads Of Searches

I then start up SKCA (Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer), browse to where the exported file is saved and open it on Local searches.
Then if you want you can enter in some private proxies (I don’t use any). Then I click on Start. Then I let it run overnight.

How I Find Keywords With Almost Zero Competition With Loads Of Searches4

After it’s done I click on the keyword rating column to arrange the data according to the rating.
I mostly focus on the Great and Amazing keywords because in my experience they have the least amount of competition. I start with the amazing keywords. One by one I enter them into MS (market samurai) and analyze the top ten sites.

This is what I look for to find the best keywords:

As much green as possible.

At least 4 sites with the keyword not in the Title, URL, Description and Header (i.e. the last 4 columns in MS for that keyword should be green for at least 3-4 sites in the top 10)
At least 4 sites with less than 30 BLP (Page backlinks) 0 At least 2 sites with PR 0.
Web 2.0 sites in the top 10.
Yahoo answers/ forums etc. in the top 10.
Pages not websites in the top 10 (i.e. instead of

And what will you do with the Keyword? Build a product review website which you can monetize with Amazon Associates.
So there you have it. It took me a couple of hours to compile this post and I know this would be very helpful to the upcoming bloggers just starting out with their Niche Site Building. And I hope you have learnt a thing or two from the post 😀

Update: After doing your keyword research, it is time to study the backlinks of your competitors. See my recent post on how to steal your competitors backlinks and out rank them in the SERPs!


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