How to make $20 daily online with and Adsense

How to make $20 daily online with and Adsense
I was discussing with one of my online friends and was amaze at the simple method he is using to make money online with – I have already shared a method here that you can use to make $5 daily using and pinterest. You can check it out here. Are you looking for a sure and easy way to make $20 daily online without investing a dime? Then read on…

You don’t need any followers or greyhat (or even blackhat) to start seeing the $$$. Like every money making methods on the internet, you need to TAKE ACTION before you will see the reward ($$)

How to make $20 daily online with and Adsense

How to make $20 daily online with

Step 1: First step is to install the Mozilla Addon plugin “Pinterest Right-Click” or find Pinterest addon for Chrome. This addon will make pinning easier when you are pinning from a website other than

Step 2: After you have installed the required plugin/addon, open up an account on , about 85% of Pinterest users are women so to get more attention, you need to use a woman as your fake alias (this is white-hat, we are just using a creating a woman profile to easily reach wider audience). You must make your pinterest profile to look legit so upload a picture of a woman and fill out all the information in your profile. Create at least 10 nice looking boards to make your account look legit. The fastest way to do this is by finding some of the top pinners on pinterest and copy their boards.

Go to the link below to check out the popular pinners.

Step 3: We are going to be working on the RECIPES Niche, you may be wondering why we choose recipes? It is one of the popular niche on pinterest and more importantly, they will click on your pin and then visit your website so they can find the recipe fomula. Women love recipes, they want to try out new stuffs. So you have 90% chance of them clicking your pin and visiting your website.

What we are going to do is visit the “popular” section of pinterest and find some popular recipe pins. When you find them, click on the picture to visit the website. These website(s) will be the place where we are going to get ideas about the popular recipes to use on our site. And you can chose to write your own recipe content or hire someone to do that for you.

How to make money on and Adsense

We are going to create a simple website,  remember, we are going to get ideas from multiple niche sites.

Add the necessary pages (contact us, privacy policy, about us… etc. make the site look legit) Then add 3 adsense blocks above-the-fold on your website. If you don’t have an adsense account, you can create one easily by going to or if you are finding it difficult, you can follow this step on how to get adsense account .

To make money using pinterest and our recipes websites, we are going to pin our recipes on popular recipes boards to get targeted audience. You cannot just pin on other people boards, so we are going to apply as contributors of community boards. **Community boards are boards with large public boards having thousands or tens of thousands of followers where anyone that is a contributor can post pins**. Most of these popular boards will have instructions on how to join as a contributor. If they don’t have, then follow the board and comment “[AT SIGN]the board creator name” and ask politely that you are interested to join. This is why we emphasize above on making your profile look legit. If your profile looks like spam, you will not be accepted into the boards.

Some popular boards to get you started in the recipe niche:

After joining this popular community boards, it is time to start making money with your niche site… What you are going to do is pin the image from your website to the boards. In the description, write something like; “Food-Name Recipe” or something that will make people to click on the image to reach your website. One of the best thing about this niche and joining popular recipe niche is that you will be getting lots of repins and traffic to your website.

How to make good money with this method:

Only use high CPC keyword recipes on your website such as Weight Loss Recipes to get more $$  per click. You can use or google keyword planner to see high paying keyword in the recipe niche.

Think outside the box: Find other niches where users have strong incentive to click your pin and visit your site then pin those images onto relevant community boards. And here is an example of a recipe blog

Make money online with pinterest and

Adsense is not the only method to make money with pinterest, you can also add amazon links, you can also add clickbank links to generate sales.

You can start this method without investing a dime, but you will need to use a free blog, the best is and find beautiful free blogger themes.


If you are still looking for a sure working method to make money from the internet, then here you have another one to try out and it is so simple to use and within 2 weeks of starting this method, you are sure going to see $$ in your adsense account.

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