how to use google keyword planner

How to use Google Keyword Planner (new version of google keyword tool)

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As we already know google keyword tool has been officially disabled, and lot of bloggers are finding it a little difficult to use the New Google Keyword planner, most people assume it is no longer as useful as the old google keyword tool. So am taking out my time to show you how the new google keyword tool works and how you can use it just like the former one. Also it has lots more info.

Tutorial how to use Google Keyword Planner

The First step is to login to google keyword planner and then click on “Search for keyword and ad group ideas” (see screenshot below)
how to use google keyword planner
Enter your keyword and choose the country you are targeting and the language, then click on “Get Ideas”

1. How can I see the Exact Match search volume? – This is very important when doing your keyword research, in the old tool, you can tick the Exact Match or the Broad Match, but can you find it in the New Google Keyword Planner?. Well, the search number you see is actually exact match of the keyword you are researching on. Anyways, If you want to see the broad or phrase, just add the keywords to your project and you can move from there. The keyword i select is how to start a blog

here is a screening shot how to select exact match in google keyword planner.

google keyword planner tutorial

Step 2. You might be wondering why the Exact Match search volumes higher/lower than those in the old google keyword tool, and here is my research, google old keyword tool was showing the search volumes in the current month. While Keyword planner calculates the average per year, so that’s why the numbers are different. And you will agree with me that this is much better and accurate!

Step 3. And you might have another question, why does it not show the local search volume? – It does show ONLY local search volume of the country you selected in targeting, you can confirm that from the screenshot above. But still, If you want to see the global search statistics, then change “targeting” to all countries. If you do that, you will find out that the search is much more than the local search.
Tips: Do not conduct keyword research using the Global using global search. Always ensure you are using Exact Search!

Step 4. And you might be wondering if it doesn’t show search trends again? wow!; Good news then, it does show search trends, what you have to do is just hover your mouse over that small graph icon right of the keyword you are researching on. These new search trends is much better because you can actually see the exact months and know when the keyword will be in trends and all that. See the screenshot below for the search trends in the new google keyword planner.

google keyword planner  search trends

Am such this post will help does who are still not sure how to use the new google keyword planner tool.

N.B: The CPC estimate is far more precise, as well as the search volume. What this tool don’t do is show you how easy it is to rank for a keyword on google search, that is why every blogger need a copy of Long Tail Pro Software.

If you are new to blogging, you can read my post on how to start a blog.

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  1. Dean Saliba @ Make Money Lessons
    Dean Saliba @ Make Money Lessons says:

    I like how you have explained how to use this tool. 🙂

    I stopped using keyword tools because I found that I was starting blogs and sites based on niches that would make me money over whether I had an interest or not, I want to make money, but if I don’t have an interest in the niche then I lose interest very quickly. 🙂

    • frank joseph
      frank joseph says:

      Thanks for your comment. I personally try to fall in love with whatever niche i found meself 😀
      Google keyword planner is much more better than google keyword tool.

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