July 2014 Monthly Income Report – My Niche Site Blog Income Report for July, 2014

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This is another month and it is time to share my July 2014 Monthly Income Report for my niche site.
Note: This is not the total earnings of my Internet Business, I decide to only share the income report of my niche sites that I built from scratch right here before you 😀 If you want to read my last month income report – here you go.

Before we go to the report, I do not share my income report to brag, but to encourage you that making money from the internet is REAL!
I personally love reading income reports from a lot of internet marketers across the globe.

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Do you know why you should read income report from other bloggers?

1. Because you will learn what they are doing and replicate it on your blog.
2. You will be able to professionally ‘steal’ their ideas and replicate their success.
3. You will be able to get in touch with them and get to know their ‘secrets’
4. I have said enough already 😛

What I did in July 2014

It has been a while seen I started my public niche case studies, and the site is now making $100 per month! And in the month of August. It i making more than $15 already. So there is a chance that the site will/might make up to $200 in August.

So, I started a new partial case study and am going to monetize the site with Google Adsense, and when am ranking on the top 5. I will contact people who are selling ‘pet’ to place their ads/offer on the site. (I hope this will go well). If you are interested to follow my progress, you can read my first entry here – Adsense Niche Site Case Study, Building an Adsense Site from Scratch, on the post I share a longtail pro alternative and it is FREE! Not just that, the primary keyword has a 40,000 Monthly Search.

If you remembered, i said i was going to list my site on and I did, but the site didn’t sale! I was hoping to sell it for $1200+ (The site is making $100 monthly from adsense). The highest bidder is $610 and I refused the offer. However, someone who is interested in the site is bidding it and I told him the last I can let go the site is $1.2k.

July 2014 Monthly Income Report

I own a few Authority website and they make money from adsense and selling of my products, but this income report is on my amazon niche site I started in March, 2014 and the site has been earning from the first month.

The Site if fully monetized with

You can see my amazon income report below by sharing the link. (Go social)

And Guess what I discovered in July, 2014?

No, I didn’t discovered it, it has been there already, and I happened to get access to it. I am building my own PBN, and still building ’em. Luckily for me, I was July 2014 Blog Income Reportdiscussing with another blogger whose sole business is to create niche sites, rank them and SALE. I always wanted to do this! And he linked me with a Blog Network (30 PBNs) and the fee is just $89 per month! And the minimum DA is 22, the max. is 48! The min. google pagerank is 3 and the Max. is 7!

Edit: I got a few email address from people who want to know if the article can be on the homepage. The answer is NO.

I decided to see how powerful the network is, I directed the PBNs to a site that has refused to rank, and within 5 days, the site is now sitting in the top 20s. I can’t wait to see what this will do for the site.

Also on this Amazon site, I will build 3 Web2.0s and then point the links to them. Perhaps this will take me to the top 2 or even 1.

Not every day you come across quality blogs for that price, and before you can join, you will need to be invited by a trusted member. (No, am not qualified to refer anybody yet) but if you want to get links from this blog(s) you can get them at just $50! (one time payment) You will be surprised at what this will do for your website (positively). Contact/email me from the link above. Yes, I will send you the blog post urls…

Important Advice to all Bloggers who want to make money this December.

Do you want to make money this Festive Period? (November/December) Then start a niche site today, do you want to know why you must start today and NOW?

The Google Sandbox

Google Sandbox is here! I have confirmed it from the new sites i built. Your site will not move up the serp for, lets say 2Months+ So if you build a new niche site and you do not see any positive SERP movement on google. You don’t need to worry yet… Unless after 3 months, the site is still no where to be found… Thereafter, you will need to start worrying about your Onpage SEO, Link Building…

I can’t wait to see how much this site will earn in August. Am talking about my Amazon Niche site!

(My Goals for Last Month-July)

Every Month, I set a goal(s) to achieve.

* I will be listing one of my niche site on Flippa and hope to sell it for $2,000+ (Currently the site is making $80 to $120 per month via google adsense)
It will cost me about $59 to list it.

I did list it and it did not sell!

* Do complete research on building a niche site that will be monetized by adsense.

Great! Started this already and it is going great – The niche site has potential to earn passive income once it start ranking!

* Take my Amazon Niche site to top 3 on my keyword(s).

Not Done. But I was able to bring it to the top 5. With the new PBN, I guess I will be able to achieve that this month.

* keep building my Private Blog Network, (PBN)

Done. And am taking a break once I have 15 or so…

What Am Doing this MonthGoals for August, 2014

Every Month, I set out goals on what I want to achieve, and the goals for last month was….

1. Rank my amazon niche site to the top 2 and earn a minimum of $200.

2. Bring my New Adsense Niche Site to the top 50s for some of the keywords.


Do you have any contributions? I would like to hear your thoughts and advice. let connect via the comment box.

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I Am Frank Joseph - I work fully online, building businesses online is my passion.
52 replies
    • frank joseph
      frank joseph says:

      Don’t give up Paula. We all started like this, if your site is more 6 months already and you are not getting the approval notice. You might want to create a dummy health site, this kind of site get approved faster IMO

    • frank joseph
      frank joseph says:

      Hello Sharon,
      Two years might be a long time, but it is worth the wait!
      Thank you for commenting.
      It took me many years as well to start making decent money.

    • frank joseph
      frank joseph says:

      Thank you for commenting Rena, and just like me, I love this sort of posts! It inspired me a lot 🙂 . And I hope your first niche site is a success and that makes you go forward to start the second one???
      Thanks again.

    • frank joseph
      frank joseph says:

      Thank you Rach for sharing your thought about Blue-Host, it is one of the best webhost.
      Same with me, I love reading other people income report. There is something new to learn.

  1. Paula - Buenos Aires
    Paula - Buenos Aires says:

    I need to work on a lot of “money issues” before I get into this. If it looks too complicated right now it is because I don´t like the system. There is nothing wrong with the system, so I´m the one who´s wrong. 😉

  2. Rosey
    Rosey says:

    I think it’s nice that you put yourself out there like this. I am sure it is a big help to others too!! I know I enjoy reading these.

  3. patricia woolverton
    patricia woolverton says:

    Thanks for giving me some insight of what I should be doing. I did not think niche mattered that much but apparently it does. Thanks.

    • frank joseph
      frank joseph says:

      It does matter a lot! I have built a lot of sites and some i did a bad (very bad) research, and ended up with niche(s) that are too hard to rank, and some, too poor to earn a meaningful income.

  4. Ann Bacciaglia
    Ann Bacciaglia says:

    Interesting post. So many people are monetizing their blogs now and it is cool to hear the different strategies.

  5. jane
    jane says:

    wow such a lot of positivity! i dont really notice this SERP thing hahaha and never thought of that. though about money making, i guess I am earning enough cash from my blog monthly + blog sponsors hehe goodluck to you! hope to see positivity here.

    • frank joseph
      frank joseph says:

      Thank you Jane for your contribution 🙂
      A lot of bloggers don’t know anything about SERP (and that is good to some extended), and they are writing for human, which then naturally rank them!
      I love blog sponsors!
      Thank you!

  6. Eliz Frank
    Eliz Frank says:

    I’m impressed by your detailed reporting of your earnings. I think it’s great idea to keep track of what we do as it serves as an incentive to do better.

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