Top 10 Method to Get Steady Referral Traffic to Your Website


Top 10 Method to Get Steady Referral Traffic to Your Website: A lot of internet marketer rely only on Search Engine for getting traffic to their website, there are lots of ways to promote your blog- and if you are like me, you will not depend on google, yahoo, bing and similar search engines to send traffic to your site. Go out and find this traffic! Have you heard of referral traffic? I can tell you that if you get targeted referral traffic, you can make money from your new blog without getting any traffic from search engine.

Top 10 Method to Get Steady Referral Traffic to Your Website

And am going to show you how you can achieve that- Before we get started, i want to show you how you can index your new blog post in 20 seconds! This is not a long tutorial, check it out here-> How to index your new blog post in 20 seconds!
A lot of bloggers are not happy when they visit their blog and find out that after 3 days, their post has not been index in I went online and do some research and this is my unique method. Yes, i discover this method and am sharing it for FREE!
Lets get back to the main topic, how can we get targeted referral traffic?

Top 10 Method to Get Steady Referral Traffic to Your Website

1. Give Your Suggestions on Question and Answer Sites

I like this part the more, these questions and answers blogs seems to rank within 48 hours! I have used yahoo answer to get very targeted traffic to my brand new website. Also sites like and is a sure place of getting real referral traffic. A lot of people ask thousands of questions everyday on different category and you can become helper for them. Find your niche and give them quality answer, you can of course add your website link every now and then. But don’t spam everywhere with your link or you are going to get banned!

2. Social Bookmarking Sites

Reddit, stumbleupon and Delicious are the most popular social bookmarking website for now where you can start a new journey of getting referral traffic and see how much traffic you can generate to your website in a very short period of time.

3. Comment on Popular Blogs and Forums

One way to get refferal traffic is through commenting on popular blogs on your niche and also on forums were you are allowed to place your link on your signature. If you are too busy, you can outsource our commenting to someone who will do it for you. I prefer CommentLuv enabled blogs which helps you to build do-follow links to your new posts and to the homepage.

4. Build Solid Email Newsletters List

If you are not creating your list, you are committing one of the worst blogging sin! According to research, email marketing covers about 14% of market share. If you have huge list of people who are subscribed to your list, you will see the magic of email marketing. In my opinion, this is one of the best method of getting VERY targeted referral traffic to your website or product page.
If you are shot of cash, you can use the following free Email Newsletter List Building sites. and

5. Make Videos and Publish Them

One of my video was ranking for “make money online free” and that brought lots of referral traffic to my website, i was even offer $$ per month to place a link on my description.
So Video blogging is getting popular, people love video tutorials more than plain text tutorial, personally whenever i need to learn something, i head over to youtube to find a video on it.
You can create and upload your own videos on video sites like YouTube,, Dailymotion and Vimeo and get quality referral traffic from these video sharing websites. Here is my list of high video sharing sites to upload your videos
Watermark your video to avoid it getting stolen! When creating your videos don’t forget to mention your website and links in the video and also put your site link in the description.

You can choose to buy video from or if you want to do it yourself, while not? It is fun!
Learn how to create animated videos within 24 hours and also you might want to read how to make money with your whiteboard animated videos.

6. Make Use of Social Networking Sites

In this time, if you are not already making use of social networking sites, then you are missing out a lot. Grow your circle on this popular social network and if you are too busy, you can always hire VA to get it done for you. The top three social networks you need to stay active are, and Google+. If you are already on these networks then spread your coverage to LinkedIn and StumbleUpon too which is also a great source of getting referral traffic fro free.

7. Promote Your Website via Banner Ads

You want to get instant targeted referral traffic to your website/service? then buying banner ads on popular website is the way to go. Although it will be a little expensive, but if you get a website that receive a lot of traffic from search engine, then your money will be worth it. Also you need to buy from more than one website to track it and know which of them is sending junks to you. You can find this websites to place your ads by typing the keywords you want to target into search engine and then check the top 10 website to see if they accept advertisers. You can also use service like to get sites to place your banner. Google AdWords advertising is another way to reach your targeted audience and it is cheaper and very reliable.

8. Guest Blogging on Quality Sites

I don’t have to explain much here- Guest blogging is one of the oldest and working methods of getting referral traffic and it is approved by google! It is only guest blogging that is seen as whitehat. But if you are not too good with words, you might not get the opportunity to publish your guest post on authority website.
One of the thing i do when it comes to guest posting is to look for sites that ONLY accept paid/sponsored posts, this kind of sites has few outbound links or sites that are heavy-ly moderated. Not some fake sites that accept any spun/spin contents.

9. Submit Your Site to Popular Directories

This method is as old as the internet also, there are over hundreds of site directories where you can submit your website link and in return you will get referral traffic to your website.

10. Create Podcast

Thanks to marilyn cada for the contribution, podcast is yet another method to get quality referral traffic to your website and you can see a lot of top bloggers doing this already, you can read more on how to create podcast for beginners here.


Put Up Flyers

Another method to get referral traffic to your online business is by creating flyers with your website link on it and then Post it in public bulletin boards in places such as colleges, grocery stores and libraries, banks.
Add this together, and you will see how your online business will explode!

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