Top 29 High Paying CPM Advertising Networks to Make Money

Top 5 New Legit CPM Ad Networks For Low Traffic Websites

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I haveTop 29 High Paying CPM Advertising Networks to Make Money shared a lot of CPM Ad networks for high traffic websites and so i felt it is yet another time to share legit and paying CPM networks that accept sites with low traffic.
These are new CPMs publishers networks but they promising ad networks which accept publishers with low traffic and they accept almost all websites. All the 5 ads networks below are legit and paying as at the time of writing this post. Since they are somehow new to the industry, they do not have enough of reputation. Most of the CPMs Ad Networks mentioned below do not offer the highest CPM rate in the market, but they can compete with the normal market standards.

In my previous post, i share a list of high paying CPM Ad Networks and they only accept websites with high traffic, if you think your blog site fit into that categories, then you can check it out as they pay much higher compare to these networks. High Paying CPM Ad Networks and you might want to check out this list also

Most of them have CPM rate around $0.10 – $0.25, if you are not okay with that, then you need not bother about joining them, however, if you are looking to make money online with your website and you are finding it difficult to join the big time CPMs Ad Networks, then this is for you. These CPM networks accept sub-domains, free blogs hosted on etc…

Top 5 New Legit CPM Ad Networks For Low Traffic Websites

Tips: Join more than one of the Ad Networks and see which one perform well in your niche/website, also you can add more than one network in your websites.

1. ValuePubMedia CPM Network

ValuePubMedia CPM Network Review
ValuePubMedia Network is located in Mahadma Ghandhi Nagar A/12 Haldia, W.B, India and they help you to manage your ad space and you don’t have to bother about your inventory going unsold again.
According to them, they have over 100% fill rate, and also claim to have the highest eCPM.
Here is a few details about ValuePubMedia Network

  • Multiple Ad Formats
  • 100% Fill Rate
  • Minimum $5 Payments
  • PayPal, Check, or Bank Wire
  • Net 35 Terms
  • Affiliate Program


Before applying for this network, here is the requirements.
Your site must:

  • have a minimum of 5000 page views per month (I guess all the site have this)
  • not host content that delivers malware or browser hijacks/redirects
  • not contain or link to adult content

The minimum payout is $5 which is okay, but if you can’t wait for Net35 before getting your payment, there are other networks that pay bi-weekly.
They also have other payment option like Bank wire and Check, but you must have $100 before you will get paid.

ValuePubMedia accept almost all blogs and you can register from the link here: HERE

2. AdMediaKing Publisher Network

I did a partial review of Admediaking some few days ago and you can read more about it here-> Review.
I said partial review because am testing them on one of my blogger blog that gets about 7k – 13k pageviews per day. I will write more about them if i see how they perform in terms of earnings.

Sign Up for Here

3. nPlexMedia CPM Publisher Network

nPlexMedia CPM Publisher Network review- paying or scam?
nPlexMedia is a CPM and CPC system that accept low traffic websites. They don’t have much information on their website regarding their terms of services, but below is a little i can get from around the web.

nPlexMedia Pros:

1. nPlexMedia supports multiple ad formats including Sliding and Full-Page ads.
2. They offers fixed CPM rate ranging from $0.07 (for 468×60 banners) to $0.50 (for Full-Page and Pop ads)
3. nPlexMedia pay $0.03 for all valid clicks on standard banner ads which ads up to your CPM earnings. This indicates that you will not only get paid for CPM, but you will generate more $$ from CPC.
4. They have good fill rate of around 80% — which is good enough for publishers.
5. nPlexMedia process payments within hours of request so long you have earned $1.
6. Good news is that they have Live reports which will help you to know how a certain ads i performing.
7. They display “AdChoices” advertisements – sign of a trustworthy network.

nPlexMedia Cons:

1. Although they claim that their ads are relevant, nPlexMedia are non-relevant to the page content/site niche and sometimes this might obstruct your visitors. I hope they improved a little bit to know what kind of ads to show…
2. I don’t why they choose to, but each ad slot has to be approved by nPlexMedia before they can start displaying on your website.
3. nPlexMedia CPM rates are on the lower side compared to most of the publisher networks.
But overall conclusion of nPlexMedia is that they are paying and you don’t have to wait for Net7 or above to get paid, you get paid when you have amass just $1 in your account! And you get paid within hours after requesting for payment.

*Sign Up For nPlexmedia Here*

4. GloAdMarket Publisher Network

GLOADMARKET is one of the TOP ad Network that accept low traffic websites and they offer a much better eCPM compare to other networks, am currently using them also on my blog where AdMediaKing is, and i will give it a week or one month to know which of them is much better.
So far, within 24 hours, am already earning about $0.50 with AdMediaKing and $0.45+ with GLOADMARKET. Watch out for my full review on GLOADMARKET in a couple of days/weeks.

Here are a few benefit why i recommend this network.

  • •Approved traffic worldwide.
  • •Monetize via ad impressions and clicks.
  • •Flexible and fully-customizable ads to meet your needs.
  • •Enjoy high turnover in the industry.
  • •Direct support and senior account manager.

GloAdMarket Pros:

1. GloAdMarket have High CPM rate. And averages around $0.20 CPM rate if your traffic generates clicks. Perhaps they are CPM and CPC ad network.
2. GloAdMarket have almost 100% Fill Rate.
3. No minimum traffic requirements – This means that everyone with a website can apply and start making money online.
4. Good thing is that GloAdMarket accepts world-wide traffic.
5. $1 minimum payout – you get paid when you have reach the threshold which is just $1
6. Real time reporting.

GloAdMarket Cons:

1. GloAdMarket counts only unique impression.
2. GloAdMarket issues payments once a month. Your Earnings from January is paid on or before 7th February.

Payment Method

GlOADMARKET payment threshold is $1. And you can Get paid via paypal, bank transfer and payza.

Sign Up for GloAdMarket Here

MasterCPM Publisher Network

MasterCPM accept websites with low so long the website meet their rules, and you get paid when you have reach the threshold which is $2. And you get paid DAILY!
But this network is a popunders ads and not suitable for all websites,

Sign Up for MasterCPM Here


Here you have the best CPMs Ad Networks that accept low traffic websites and if you are wondering how to make money from your website, then this is for you. You can keep growing your traffic and maybe one day you will be accepted into some of the top players.
Am currently using AdMediaKing and Global Advertising Market which according to the reviews have the highest eCPM rates. I will confirm this in the next coming weeks.
For my India friends who are finding it hard to get accepted into Adsense, these are the perfect alternatives to Google Adsense and you don’t have to worry about your account getting banned so long your site is getting traffic from search engines, social networks. etc.

Do you have a better CPM networks that accept low traffic websites? Then share it with us via the comment and I will do well to add it to the list after performing my due diligence.
Now there is nothing stopping you from getting paid to blog!

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47 replies
  1. Nate Leung
    Nate Leung says:

    Sounds like all solid CPM ad networks. I don’ personally use ad networks but I will come back to this reference in case I need to. Thanks for sharing!

    • frank joseph
      frank joseph says:

      Thank you Nate for the comment, i know a lot of people who are getting lot of traffic to their websites and don’t know how to monetize it, this will help them a bit. Am also using 2 of the network on my blogger blog… 😀

    • Surbhi Jain
      Surbhi Jain says:

      Hi All,
      Most of the network providing good rates for US, UK and Europe traffic not for Indian traffic.
      I am using Mascot-Click and getting very good rates. You can try for Mascot-Click they are giving good CPM rates for Indian traffic also.

  2. Netmediablog
    Netmediablog says:

    Wow this is great for low traffic sites though i just got accepted into Peerfly, i am just trying out my hand with CPA but its been going well so far. I get better CPM on Peerfly than all these sites though but you will require much traffic to succeed.

    • frank joseph
      frank joseph says:

      I have tried peerfly about a year ago and was in a JV with someone, we did made a little bit of cash before the account was de-activated, i really do not know how my JV guy generates traffic, but he did blank the referrals and i guess that is why the account was terminated.
      Good Luck and thanks for the comment!

    • frank joseph
      frank joseph says:

      Thank you Shalu Sharma for the comment, and am sure this ad networks will benefit a lot of bloggers who are finding it difficult to monetize their websites due to Adsense not approving them…

  3. Shameem
    Shameem says:

    Hey Frank great share which I have not tried this network yet on my blog between one question which one you will prefer among this 5 and how long you have worked on this networks bro

    • frank joseph
      frank joseph says:

      Thank you Shameem for dropping by… Am currently using both Admediaking and Global Market… In a few weeks, i will have details on which networks perform better.

  4. Enstine Muki
    Enstine Muki says:

    It’s interesting to note you specified ‘ low traffic websites’
    We know without huge traffic, it will be hard to make money with CPM betworks. The application process often is a hard bridge for new websites with little traffic.

    Thanks for sharing this list

    • frank joseph
      frank joseph says:

      Thank you Enstine Muki for dropping by and leaving your comment.
      It is a pain in the a$$ to get accepted into CPM ad networks if you have low traffic websites… Hence this will help a lot of bloggers who are still building their website traffic.

  5. Larry Smith
    Larry Smith says:

    I’m really grateful for this blog, it’s always difficult to find the right keywords CPM, So it is a great joy that you share this information.


  6. naveen kumar rajput
    naveen kumar rajput says:

    It’s very helpful for newbies like me .Thanks alot sir to share such a great article for add providing companies.
    Now Iam also going register on ValuePubMedia CPM Network.I like this website alot.

    • frank joseph
      frank joseph says:

      Am glad you found this website useful naveen kumar rajput, although i have not personally tried valuepubmedia out myself, but i have read positive report about them…

  7. Amit Kumar
    Amit Kumar says:

    Hiii frank,

    Great Post. first time I saw a nice collation of ad networks for low traffic websites.
    Thanks you so much for sharing about these ad networks. Really useful post 🙂

  8. Dean Saliba
    Dean Saliba says:

    I haven’t heard of any of them, I might try them on some of my smaller blogs.

    Have you tried these yourself? The one thing that puts me off trying new CPM networks is that a lot of them display ads that redirect your site and I like to find out if they do BEFORE I jump in. 🙂

    Just a little side-note, there are plenty of CPM networks around that don’t insist on a minimum traffic amount, 5,000 is high. 🙂

    • frank joseph
      frank joseph says:

      Thank you Dean Saliba for dropping your comment, am currently trying Admediaking and GLobal Market on a blogspot blog that gets around 10k pageviews daily. They promised not to redirect the site- which have not happened yet.
      I would love to see more CPM networks that accept websites with no minimum traffic.
      I will be drawing my conclusion in a couple of weeks on the two CPM ad networks am using.

  9. hamza
    hamza says:

    the rates are good but i wanted to ask that if my traffic is less than 1000 per day,will my earning sum up with the next day or not.

    • frank joseph
      frank joseph says:

      It does not matter if your traffic is upto 1k per day, your total earning will be sum up for the day. And you are going to start a new day again from scratch.

  10. Sharon Lopez
    Sharon Lopez says:

    Thank you for sharing this earning opportunity. I just started blogging and I am really on the lookout for Ad networks. As of now, i am using kryptoads and chitika for my blog. I like kryptoads but I am not sure if I will be earning with chitika as they are paying on a per click basis. That is why I am glad I was able to find this article. I also applied to AdMedia king and still waiting when I could post the ads. Perhaps I could try ValuePub Media after my site gain steady traffic. I just started a month ago.

    Have a great day!

  11. World-Satellite
    World-Satellite says:

    Unfortunately I have a bad experience.
    This site uses the corrupt and fraudulent ideas.
    I asked at the ordinary static banner 728×90 and you know what happened?
    Opening a pop-up.
    But this is not an ordinary pop-up, but a pop-up that prompts you to install and is consisted of the virus. Briefly fraud.
    The lowest rate I’ve ever had.
    I do not recommend these ads and advise away from these crooks

  12. Luke
    Luke says:

    Do you want increase your revenue? I´ve using for the last two months ago and I´m very satisfied! I got CPM averages between USD 0,20 and USD 2 and really great results! Recommended!


    Heavy Nice Post for Blogger who wanna earn money from blogging. Thanks writer of this post.

  14. Francis Duru
    Francis Duru says:

    Frank Joseph thanks again… am getting frustrated about Google AdSense my blog GeekLogic
    have been approved it just remain the finally AdSense approval which you going to paste a test ads on your blog… but I keep getting “site doesn’t not comply with AdSense policy” have try finding out what wrong am doing still, don’t no. you gat any solution…. Before then I”l use one of your options.

  15. Francis Duru
    Francis Duru says:

    Frank Joseph thanks again… am getting frustrated about Google AdSense my blog GeekLogic
    have been approved it just remain the finally AdSense approval which you going to paste a test ads on your blog… but I keep getting “site doesn’t not comply with AdSense policy” have try finding out what wrong am doing still, don’t no. you gat any solution…. Before then I”l use one of your options.

    • frank joseph
      frank joseph says:

      I went through your site, you have everything in place. And your content are unique, you have all the necessary pages. I don’t know why you are not getting accepted? Probably your site is less than 6 months? Although this is not an excuse.

      Tips: See this: your google search your content appeared on 3 different places in your site. It is causing duplicate content. This will partially affect your ranking.

      Keep trying with adsense, one day, they will accept your blog. Or you can create a specific niche site and apply with it.

  16. akinola
    akinola says:

    Thanks for the informative post because i think cpm is better than cpc because your revenue is fixed. The lofic will be having many cpm ads on your blog

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