Yes, You Can Make Money From Your Blog! Here’s How

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People always ask us, do we really make money from blogging? The simple answer is yes! And so can you. But, let us be quite clear about things from the start; it’s not easy.

Making money from your blog is not a get-rich-quick scheme or a golden ticket to millionaire status. It requires hard work, dedication and some internet know-how.

Don’t let that put you off; instead, use it an incentive to work harder! Here’s how you can make money from your website, starting right now.

Find a niche

In our experience, tapping into a particular niche is the best way to make money from your blog. You need to find an audience that needs information and expertise in a specific area.

More importantly, you’ll eventually want to host adverts and sell products from your site. To do that, you’ll need a niche group to sell to.

Use your experience, passions, and skills to determine that niche. Hunt out a target audience and start marketing directly to them.

Get a professional design

You may notice that we’re teaching you to walk before you run here. You can’t just jump in and start making money from any old blog template.

Well, you can, but you won’t make much! Instead, you need to portray a professional standard. Visitors and customers instinctively trust a company with good website design.

The same goes for advertisers and marketers when it comes to making money. Invest in your design and make your blog look professional.

Build a community

Again, we’re still laying the groundwork here. Making money from a blog requires a community of followers that hang on your every word. You need regular traffic to your website to make money.

More importantly, that community needs to trust you. Use content to prove your value and draw customers in. Use social media, SEO techniques and online marketing to extend your reach. Only then can you think about monetisation.


Now that you’ve got a professional website and a steady flow of visitors, it’s time to make money! The first, and obvious, choice is hosting adverts. You’ll see them on almost all modern websites these days as banner, skyscraper, or square ads.

You can start with Google AdSense which will begin sending adverts to your site. From there, you can start to make your own connections and deals with other companies.

Affiliate sales

Many blogs and websites swear by the power of affiliate sales. It’s a technique where you embed links in your content to third party sellers.

You take a cut of every sale made when you refer people. Amazon has the biggest affiliate program in the world, and we suggest starting there. Link to a product on Amazon, and every time your referral produces a sale, you get paid!

Sell your own product

Finally, you can use your website to sell your own products. If you’ve targeted a niche, this will be your most profitable route.

You could also sell your services or offer consultancy. Get creative here and see how you can monetise your traffic.

As you can see, making money from your blog is possible. But, take the time to find a niche and build a community first! Let us know how you get on.

Yes, You Can Make Money From Your Blog! Here's How

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