12 Websites That Pay You To Write Articles Online and Get Paid Instantly!


This are my top 12 Websites That Pay You To Write Articles Online and you get paid directly to your paypal or bank account. It does not matter which country you are from, so long you can write articles. Then you are eligible to make cash writing article.

This information will be very useful for people who are looking for genuine websites that pay upfront for writing articles online, the website below are the best 12 websites that pay you to write and submit your articles.

Although there are different ways to make money online free, but writing is a very sure way to get paid. That is why people start their site to get paid to blog (write).

Best 12 Website that pay you Upfront to Write Article Online

Get paid to write online

This websites are owned by trusted companies, like Yahoo! About, etc. So you will definitely get paid for each article you write and got approved. Before joining any site, please take out time to read their terms and conditions.

1. Contena

Launch Your Own Freelance Writing Business with Contena. Learn how to build a real foundation for your writing business that will allow you create a steady income writing from anywhere using Contena.

With Contena Scout you can easily search the best available writing jobs by pay, quality, category and more. Contena finds the best writing jobs for all experience levels. Find your first client, or land your writing dream job. Contena members have made money writing for hundreds of great companies from around the world.

2. EssayLancers

EssayLancers offers multiple opportunities for extensive professional communication. It’s a valuable platform for professional networking with fellow academic writers from all over the globe; At EssayLancers, you can hook up with fellow colleagues and those with a similar mindset, challenges and interests.

EssayLancers is the first freelancing, outsourcing and communications marketplace for freelance academic writers and academic writing agencies. The site aims to help employers and writers establish healthy working relationships through solid feedback, ample cooperation, and convenient communication tools.

3. About.com

About is one of the highest paid to write website in the industry. You will join and become a ‘topic write’

4. Break Studios

This is another trusted paid to write website that pay you upfront for article writing. Break Studios will provide you the titles for each article and you are to do your research and write the content.

After writing, when your article is approved and published you will be notified by email/phone and you will get paid through PayPal at the end of every month.

Your articles will be published on highly trafficked Break Studios co-operate websites, which are:
* Break.com,
* MadeMan.com,
* CagePotato.com,
* ScreenJunkies.com
* Chickipedia.com
* HolyTaco.com

5. Contributor Yahoo!

Ever heard of Yahoo! Voice?
Yahoo! Contributor Network gives opportunities to writers, photographers, and videographers to share their passion and knowledge with millions of yahoo readers worldwide. You will earn money by publishing your own thoughts/contributions on Yahoo! Voices and other Yahoo! Worldwide sites.

Unlike Break Studios where you are assigned a title, You will allow you to choose your own topics and you can get paid through up-front payments.

You can also make money with exclusive assignments given to you by Yahoo! (to be a voice in an event/happenings in your area), and also you will receive performance bonuses on the traffic your work receives. Yahoo!

Update: Here is the full guide on how to make $10 daily with Yahoo Contributor

Get paid to write articles

6. Words-of-Worth

words of worth is a a content delivery company, which offer article writing works to freelance writers who are based in the UK Canada and US residents.

Words of worth don’t have fixed amount for each article payments. their payments for articles vary from one to another, they use the length of the content and other factors to determined how much your article is Worth.
Good thing is words of worth will tell you how much your article is. You can decide to accept it or publish it elsewhere.

7. Seed

This company is own by AOL and they are constantly looking for good writers to contribute articles, but this writers must be based in the US.
They pay their article writers upfront. You can chose to get paid a flat fee, or receive an ongoing royalty for your articles.

Write online, get paid to write online

8. QualityGal

This is an content creating websites that provide their clients rich SEO articles for their website and businesses. QualityGal pay a minimum of $12 for each article accepted and a maximum of $30 per article. All members around the world are accepted.
QualityGal sent payment every week through Paypal or Check. Do you think you can write quality content? Then join QualityGal and start making money writing articles online.

People are waiting for your talent

9. eCopywriters

eCopywriters are looking for professional copywriters to provide quality articles for their clients. This is not for those who don’t know how to write fluently.(my bad). Below are some of the projects they are looking for.

eCopywriters projects include TV and Radio Commercials,
* SEO Content,
* Blogs,
* Press Releases,
* Ads,
* Sales Letters,
* Business Letters and Plans etc.
All this are works for professional writers who are looking for reliable websites to write. This is the perfect work at home job for you if you know how to write.

eCopywriters have different levels of writers and you can get paid as much as $25 per hour writing articles.
More details can be access on their website.

10. Demand Studios

This is one of the best article writing website online! If you submit your cv and get approved to write articles, you can get paid $15 to $25 or more per article, this depends on the quality of the article you submit. Those they accept members from USA, Canada and UK.

11. Love To Know

Like their Name implies, they are the goto place where you can get to know everything about a subject they publish.

They accept article writers from the US, Canada and UK.
The following are the niche they are focusing their attention on, hence you would have to know a thing or two about the niche.

* Money and Finance,
* Shopping,
* Fashion,
* Beauty,
* Technology,
* Home Improvement etc, etc.

12. wise GEEK

wiseGEEK are looking for writers to contribute articles to their portfolio (they cover over 550 plus topic! So there is a space for anyone to figure out what he/she like writing for fun and get paid!)
wiseGEEK pay about $10 to $15 per article.

And you receive your payment via paypal. They cover the paypal fee, so when you are paid 10 dollars per article, you received 10dollars to your paypal account.


This are the top 11 websites where you can get paid to write articles.
The next share will be articles writing sites owns by individuals and most of them even higher and instantly.

Wonder why you are not making money online yet? The secret is that you can’t make money online without taking action!

This article writing is one of the ways where you can make money online fast, you don’t need to own a website, you don’t need to bother about promoting your article, you don’t need to know a thing about SEO. You just need to write and get paid.
See you all on top!

This blog may contain affiliate links, but everything is based on my own personal experience. You can read my full disclosure policy here.

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I Am Frank Joseph - I work fully online, building businesses online is my passion. If you want to learn from me, please read the FREE ebook ‘How to Make Money Online and Get Rich’: (just click my name)

frank joseph

I Am Frank Joseph - I work fully online, building businesses online is my passion. If you want to learn from me, please read the FREE ebook ‘How to Make Money Online and Get Rich’: (just click my name)

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