11 Apps and Websites That Will Revolutionize Your Small Business Workflow

When you run a small business, resources can be limited – which is why it’s so important to make the most of your money.It’s important to keep your overhead low so you can focus on delivering your services or products. For example, if your business structure allows for it, consider making your team virtual or at least, partially virtual. This will save you thousands in rent each year if you don’t need a physical work space.

Another way to help out your small business? Utilizing free or low-cost apps that can revolutionize your business processes whether you’re running a coffee shop or a small HVAC business.

Before Your Small Business is Off the Ground

A great business needs great employees. Even if you’re working from home, as you grow, you’ll eventually need to find others who can share your vision. This can be very difficult if you decide to let your staff work remote but that’s still better than letting them clog up your living space! So, before you get too deep into the day-to-day tasks of running your business, spend time vetting the people that want to work for you. An online criminal background check is absolutely essential to avoid expensive liabilities later. For example, you can avoid hiring someone with a past DUI, unpaid ticket, or worse.

Once you have a solid team, then you can start to optimize your productivity by using apps like the ones below:

Apps to Keep Distraction at Bay

RescueTime: This handy app helps you be a little more anti-social during the day when you should be focusing on business-critical tasks. It automatically tracks what websites you spend the most time on and sends you a report at the end of the day. You can set the app to send you an alert when you’ve been on a site for a certain amount of time.

Omnifocus: Do you have issues separating your personal to-do list from your professional to-do list? If this is the case, check out Omnifocus. It helps you organize all of your projects and tasks including errands. You’ll never miss a dentist appointment again.

My Minutes: This helpful app allows you to set goals for how long you want to be on certain websites or doing certain tasks. For example, you can set a goal to check email for no longer than an hour.

POS Apps

Square: This point-of-sale system is user-friendly and it’s incredibly easy to change any of the settings to better fit your business. Set access levels for different employees and lock codes.

ShopKeep: Not only can this app handle retail businesses, but it’s also a great companion for quick-serve companies like food trucks and bars. Integrated inventory tracking, profit reports, and low-stock alerts help you stay one step ahead.