5 SEO Strategies Expert Search Engine Optimization Experts Use

Every day seems to provide a new way to improve your site’s search engine optimization (SEO). From local SEO to metadata, there’s always something to tweak.

Here are five expert SEO strategies to target this week to improve your reach within the next month.

1. Use a subfolder, not a subdomain, for your company’s blog on its website. Automizy’s Mór Mester changed its blog from a subdomain to a subfolder and experienced a rapid change in one month. Automizy experienced a 500 percent increase in Google search impressions and a 260 percent click rate increase in search results.

You benefit your firm because Google views subdomains as separate sites. That means your blog does not affect your website’s ranking, it creates its own. Search engines view your blog on a subdomain as an external site, reducing the efficacy of any links you created between the blog and the main site. This means you reduce the blog’s SEO value and reduce potential traffic by using a subdomain. Use a subfolder so you increase the blog’s value.

2. Create internal links to your firm’s pages.  To gain better SEO rank, you need links within your own website to your own pages and links on external websites that point back to your pages. You need three main types of internal links to optimize your website’s pages: anchor text calls to action and navigation menus. That means linking between blog posts and between blog posts and site pages increases in importance. By doing this, you make it easier for search engines to crawl your site and calculate relevancy.

3. Use structured data to make your website talk to and with personal digital assistants, suggests Andrea Volpini of InSideOut10 and WordLift. This uses a relatively new SEO area, Personal Assistant Search Optimization. Use a three-prong approach of long-tail, conversational keywords, Schema markup and an internal glossary to help apps like Google Home respond to users using data from your site and providing it as a resource. According to Google, 20 percent of its searches come from voice-activated assistants. That translates to a potential audience of 60 million US users alone.

The process works with the simplest of WordPress pages. Schema markup can be used in any web page. Using the SEO tool WordLift, you can set content details. WordLift injects structured data language – a JSON-LD script – into your page. This helps search engines, especially Google, understand and find your page. Finally, the first paragraph of the page needs to answer the query of the long-tail, conversational keywords in less than 75 words.

4. Write like a human being. You’re a human being writing for other human beings, so write like it. Avoid the ineffective practice of keyword stuffing which produces annoying copy and Google penalizes you for using. Writing like a real, normal person also hooks your reader which makes them stay and read more. You get longer visits with more internal clicks which translates to a higher search engine rank which gets your pages in front of more people which gets you more click here moments in front of users which boosts your search engine ranking even more. It’s an awesome circle of “build it with quality, well-written content and they will come.”

5. Hire an SEO expert with a genuine team mentality who wants to help you build your business. Look for an expert who has built their own business successfully using honest, easily duplicated means. They should have a great rank as an example of the SEO services they provide. An easy way to spot these experts is a search in Bing and Google. Combine that with reading about successful SEO and public relations campaigns. Look at which companies garnered the most success. That’s whom you hire.

Crafting a strong online presence provides a key to a successful twenty-first-century business. Using expert SEO methods helps you build that strong online presence. From the basic tenet of providing quality content to advanced knowledge like using a subfolder for your blog, you can leverage expert knowledge to enhance your SEO rank. Hiring an SEO expert can help you discover more helpful methods and provide a guide in an ever-changing area of marketing and web development.

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