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Hello, My name is Frank Joseph and I run this blog and other successful blogs (actually around 5 in total), my main source of income is building successful websites. My simple goal is to make $5,000 per month. I believe I will get there.

Through my blogging career, I have met a lot of successful bloggers and learned a lot from them. So I want to share with you this awesome experience. I created Money Home Blog to create a community, so please join this trip and earn money online.

One of the things I’m often asked is “How did you get started?”

We all have financial goals and dreams for ourselves and our families. Money Home Blog is a place to help everybody plan out their dreams and make money online. The internet is a fabulous place to earn a passive income. It’s not a ‘get rich quick’ scam, it’s a wonderfull journey full of dreams and experiences.

I tried many things, from blogging, surveys to affiliate marketing. At first, it scared the hell out of me. There wasn’t any money comming in. But day by day, step by step, I learned to manage my online work until the money was getting in. 

But the most beuatifull part, is when you can change other peoples lives.

Dear Frank,
Thanks for the knowledge you are sharing. I never new i could find such information without asking for money upfront. I really appreciate what you are doing. – Echefu Godson O.

Or …

Helpful article! Thank you so much!….Please tell about some more trusted ways by which we can earn money online. – Kaku D.

What I personnaly like the most about working online is the freedom you get. You can work anytime and everywhere. Follow my tips to financial independance. Money Home Blog: Is All about Making Money Online FREE from the comfort of your Home.

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  1. Hi AM Ceejay Joe
    I am using blogspot blog that is free blog. I have not converted yet it into dot com. Can`t blogspot blog do rank? I hope a suggestion from you that Could I must make the blogspot blog to dot com or I can still earn money from that Free blog? I would like to follow your ideas to earn money online.

    I would like to ask you that how to earn money from e-books and where and how to sell them?

    1. Lots of blogspot blog has high pagerank and you can sell e-book on clickbank and amazon.

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