All You Should Know About Social Security Disability Application

Are you an employee looking to file your social security disability claim and get hefty benefits from the SSA (Social Security Administration)? While the SSA can be a bit strict when it comes to offering you disability benefits, it should not be difficult to receive the compensation if you are perseverant. Istrongly advise you hire a local legal expert such as Florida social security disability attorney if you live in Florida. They will help you fill out your disability application. I am doing my part here, letting you know about your application form.

Learning About Your Application

First off, call the Social Security Administration (SSA) at 1-800-772-1213 to get some information on the application process. Since they will evaluate you based on the details you provide in the form, you must be careful when completing the requirements and adding relevant pieces of information. While the entire claims process can be lengthy and tiresome, I suggest you do your best to complete your application form properly. Getting your desired benefits depends on this. Learn about the compensation vs social security disability and the sections in the form. While every applicant has one in five chances of getting approval, an experienced lawyer can increase your chances of getting the approval.

Prep work & Your Medical Records

You must prepare before you fill out the form. It will require you to jot down details like your job responsibilities, medical providers you consulted for your medical condition, employers for the last 15 years, the firms you have worked for and the reasons for not being able to work. Also, highlight the medications and pills you are taking and supplement it with the prescriptions from your doctor. It is essential to provide information that clearly reflects your existing disability or condition that makes you eligible for Social Security disability benefits (SSDI benefits).

Education & Work History

There is a section in the application that asks you for your educational background and work experience. Do not forget to mention all the technical certifications you hold, the qualifications you have had and the training you have undergone in the last few years, adding to your professional skill set. If you are seeking reasonable compensation for your disability, then highlight your professional competence and state how the illness or specific condition makes you unable to exercise that skillset. Include scans, medical tests and doctor reviews that clearly show why you can’t perform the duties you’ve been doing for the past 10-15 years, so the SSA has useful data for evaluation.

Your Personal Statement

Your personal account of how the illness or disability has affected you is very important. It will form an integral part of the application. It can change their minds, so write from the heart. This is your chance of convincing the SSA that you deserve the disability benefits and are most eligible to receive the dues you are claiming. In your account, be honest and amiable. Tell how the disability has affected you, your family & work, and how it affected you socially and emotionally.

Doctor’s & Employer’s Statement

To augment your claim, have your doctor and previous employer add in a statement of their own expressing their perspective on your disability. The doctor’s statement will serve as a strong evidence of your current condition while the employer’s feedback will be substantial enough for the SSA to be more flexible and objective when it comes to approving your application.

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