Business Automation Upgrades Your Employees Will Thank You For


A recent study shows that over 75 percent of the American workers polled felt they did not have access to the latest technology. This lack of technology not only makes it hard for workers to do their job efficiently, it will also cost your business lots of money due to low-productivity levels.

Some business owners feel a bit intimidated when attempting to choose and implement new technology. Companies like Humanity work hard to provide businesses with tech tools that are both useful and simple to operate. One of the best things you can do for your business and your employees is to automate certain tasks.

Read below to find out about some of the business automation upgrades you need to invest in.

Generating and Nurturing Leads is Easier With Automated Technology

Attracting new customers is something many businesses struggle with. One of the best ways to reach a wider audience is by establishing a presence for your business on social media. The key to having success on social media is making posts on a regular basis. If you are just too busy to handle this task, using a tool like SocialOomph is a great idea.  This program allows you to automate social media posting, which helps you stay fresh in the minds of consumers.

Once you have attracted sales leads, you will need to work on nurturing them. Once a person visits your website or reaches out to you on social media, having automated emails to send out to them is vital. By automating this type of lead nurturing, you should have no problem growing both your customer base and your bottom line.

Forget About Keeping Up With Abandoned Carts Manually

If you and your employees are tasked with maintaining an e-commerce store, then keeping up with the number of abandoned carts is vital. Some businesses try to keep up with this important information without the help of automation, which usually leads to lots of potential sales opportunities falling through the cracks.

The best way to both keep up with this metric and reduce the number of carts that are abandoned permanently is by sending out automated emails to potential customers. These emails may be just what a person needs to make a decision about buying products from your company.

Automating Appointment Scheduling is Helpful

For most business owners and employees, having regular meetings is commonplace. Generally, everything from sales to project management are discussed in these meetings. While having these get togethers can be helpful, scheduling them manually can be a huge headache.

Most businesses who do this type of scheduling have problems with properly informing team members about upcoming meetings. Instead of sacrificing your sanity and your efficiency, you need to be using a program like Activity Scheduling to help with this task. This automated program will add appointments to your team’s calendar automatically and will also send out text and email reminders as the meeting approaches.


The Benefits of Recurring Billing

Waiting on payments is something most business owners are quite accustomed to. The stress and worry that accompanies waiting on payments to come in can be overwhelming at times. The best way to make sending bills and receiving payments easier is by investing in a recurring billing program.

Most clients will like the convenience and simplicity that comes with recurring billing. Investing in this type of automation will allow you to get paid at the same time every month. This means you will not have to sit idly by and wait for payments to come in, which frees you up to focus on more important tasks.

Embracing the power of technology and automation can benefit your business greatly. Consulting with a business technology professional is a great way to get some guidance regarding the type of tools to use.

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