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Site making $250/monthly – Buy Authority Site in the Make Money Niche!

Are you looking for a website making $250+ monthly from Paid posts and Sponsored posts, Affiliate sales and Adsense? Then is what you are looking for!

This website is for sale.

What’s included?

  • Website + Ownership from all previous articles
  • Facebook page with 3.500 followers
  • Pinterest Board
  • Twitter account with +7.000 followers
  • E-mail list with +1.000 mails following a weekly newsletter
  • List with interesting affiliate deals for this audience
  • 2 free contributors writing 1 or 2 blogs per month

Send an e-mail to if you’re interested. Only serious bids and questions will be answered.

How I make money from

-1. Sponsored Post

This is business owners who contact me directly to write reviews about their products or services, and I accept from $40 to $200 per post!

I get about 3 to 10 of this monthly and after publishing this post, I get paid directly to my PayPal account.

  1. May 2017: $170
  2. June 2017: $200
  3. July 2017: $135
  4. August 2017: $175

-2. Advert Space

I make money from selling add space on my sidebar.

Currently you can see 2 adds on the sidebar. One which is a text link pays $800 a year! It’s paid for until May 2018. So the new owner MUST leave the link there until it expires. Chances are good they will renew every year

The other 125×125 ads has been there and it will expire September 2017. Just like the above, the new owner must leave the link there until it has expired. They pay $110 for 3 months.

I’m sure they will renew it also when its expired. They have been renewing this space for  more than 3 years!

Sometimes you get an offer for a link add.

  • May 2017: $800
  • June 2017: $135
  • July 2017: $-
  • August 2017: $80

-3. Affiliate Sales

I’ve been working on some very interesting affiliate deals. But it’s still early days. It’s better to work with people/companies than to join affiliates agencies. You get the list and contact persons so you can build this affiliate strategy further. It works great with the growing email list.

-4. Google Adsense

Added Adsense on the site a couple of months ago and the site has been making $75 monthly. If you can grow this website, this will easily rise.

  • May 2017: $90
  • June 2017: $85
  • July 2017: $60
  • August 2017: $70

After Sales Service

What I will do for you once you buy the site. Move the site database to the new owner, if you grant me cpanel access or upload it on dropbox/email it to you and you can take it from there.

If you have any questions, please ask with a mail to

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