How To Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Marketing (Part 2)

Learn how to Make money online with amazon by following my exact steps, Don’t buy any ebook on how to make money with amazon, because you have all the information right here, what you need is to practice what you are reading.

This is a continuation of my Previous Post How To Make Money Online With Amazon Affiliate Marketing (Part 1)

“Toshiba Satellite S855-S5268 laptop

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Quality is essential when we are presenting a product, starting from its basic structure and extended features. The buyer needs to understand how the product will help him at home and thus feel that he’s making a good investment, short or long term. So, let’s deconstruct the article and try to see how the 3-Step writing principle was applied.

Every article has specific keywords that need to be present in the introduction, middle and the end. The first step relates to keyword placement within the article. For example in the text above we have “Toshiba Satellite S855-S5268 laptop reviews” and “Toshiba Satellite S855-S5268 laptop customer reports” selected after seeing the searches rate on Google. Where do we place them in order to catch the eye of the visitor and convince him to read further on? Ittis important to place the keyword somewhere in the first sentence, in the first paragraph. Secondly you have to place the keyword at the end and maintain this cycle thorough the whole article.

These specially selected words have to be highlighted in “ bold ”, “italic” and lastly in simple “underline”. It’s important to present the keywords in this manner because the Google automatic robots recognizes them better and implicitly, to a certain extent places them higher in the search algorithm.

The 2nd step is buyer connection. For years marketing worked by tapping in the hidden desires of the buyer and offering him exactly what he needs. Well, in our case the buyer, in 80% of the cases, knows what he wants to buy. In this situation we have to convince him to buy from us and not from another competitor.

How do we do it? Recent sociological studies have showed that a person is more likely to buy when he reads a “breathable” presentation. This means that the article needs to have 3 to 4 sentences in each paragraph (somewhere from 50 to 110 words). Thus the buyer identifies the qualities of the product better.

There are some key pieces of information that needs to be present in your article such as:

1. Version and aspect of the model
2. Basic features
3. Special features
4. Operating system
5. Advantages of having it around

The 3rd Step is composed out of three essential parts: the presence of cons in the review, user testimonials and call to action section.

One debate present among marketers is linked with the presence of “cons” in the article. Amazon was the first company to introduce negative reviews in its presentations and we can all see how well they’ve done. It’s a psychological thing: people that read negative aspects about a product tend to purchase it than a product described in a highlighted positive manner. Humans are imperfect and to some extent, they recognize themselves in the respective products. It’s that simple and quite logical from a psychologist point of view.

A 50 words paragraph is more than enough to emphasize some cons of using the respective product. Still, you need to be quite general when you present negative aspects about the model’s functionality. Don’t get into specifics. Be plain and vague, that’s the recipe when it comes to the cons section.

Another important component in the product review is the presence of user testimonials. A prospective buyer will always be interested in what other people are saying about the product. This is why it’s important to have a detailed testimonial section. Long or short, user testimonials are always welcomed because they confer to the product, a sort of indirect experience which attracts attention.

User testimonials can sometimes hook undecided buyers that linger somewhere between should I do this or not? Well, after reading how the product worked for other people, he will tend to lean to buy it, even thou he is not fully convinced. It is a subtle manipulation liaison between buyer and product.

A high quality product review needs to contain at the end a powerful yet discreet “call to action”. You have to plant subliminal words in the final positive note on the product in order to determine the buyer to stop thinking and place the

order. Phrases like “works with precision”, “good or smart investment”, “as the current bestseller” or “high quality design”, “fluid operating system” seem to lead to a sudden symbiotic relation between buyer and product. In this minute or two he will feel compelled to make the purchase. It is important to have at the end of each review this section because, as the latest surveys showed, people tend to scroll down to the end, expecting the best part. This is why, try to carefully select the main qualities of the product and emphasize them in direct relation with an eventual purchase. Present it, as if the visitor already made the order and how well the product works in the comfort of its home.

One last thing: read what you’ve written. Even thou you put a lot of attention in everything you write, you’d be surprised by the spelling mistakes overlooked because of fatigue. Small mistakes can make the difference between an order placed and a disgruntled visitor. Allocate 5 to 10 minutes to read your product review. A high quality reviews can place ahead of the competition, especially in such an aggressive and active one like Amazon marketing.

V. Test, Test, and Test

Internet marketing it’s a lot about testing. I failed many times, with lots of projects before I managed to succeed. Sometimes you can learn from other’s experience ( I hope this guide will help you) while in other cases you have to test something by yourself. The new and extremely profitable recipes are the ones which are not public now and to find one of those, you need to think and test a lot.

Don’t be afraid to do it, even if you are more tempted now to go out there and make your first $$ with AMAZON.

By writing this detailed guide, We tried to offer you the fishing rod and not the fish, simply because you need to think long-term when starting a business. Many people are capable to make $100.00/month for 3-4 months, but only a few will manage to succeed and increase their earnings to $1k/month constantly.

Join me as i build a some empire of Earning $5k + Monthly with amazon and how you too can do it.

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I Am Frank Joseph - I work fully online, building businesses online is my passion. If you want to learn from me, please read the FREE ebook ‘How to Make Money Online and Get Rich’: (just click my name)

frank joseph

I Am Frank Joseph - I work fully online, building businesses online is my passion. If you want to learn from me, please read the FREE ebook ‘How to Make Money Online and Get Rich’: (just click my name)

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    The great thing about using Amazon is that there are a very wide range of products available to make money from that would suit the content of almost any site out there.

    Plus you can customize your links and even use certain WordPress plugins and similar to ensure that your links are to the correct Amazon site for your visitors, thus ensuring you make the maximum amount of commission possible.

    Plus of course even though the commission percentage rates might appear quite low, on certain higher priced offerings (such as the latest tech gear as you point out) the actual commission can be very good indeed!

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      I love Amazon affiliate program and am going to work toward making huge money from it just like the other successful bloggers who are making more than 5k per month with it.

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