How To Pick a Great Product to make money from clickbank

How To Pick a Great Product to make money from clickbank: So you eventually decided to join the ranks of top Internet Marketers and also make thousand of dollars on Clickbank sales. You are having only one final problem to solve. Which product to sell? Will it be worth all the time invested into it? Will it actually sell?

This critical decision is what set apart the successful marketers from the amateurs. Should you decide against Clickbank there are fortunately also other places that allow you to bank hard such as Amazon, but picking the right product still remains of crucial importance.

How To Pick a Great Product to make money from clickbank

How To Pick a Great Product to make money from clickbank

This guide will not tell you specifically what product to pick but rather how to pick a great product. The popular wisdom of teaching a man to fish instead of providing him with fish serves as a great analogy to what you will learn from this guide.

So regardless of the method and the different affiliate commissions used, let us take a look at the important factors when choosing both a product and a website to sell it from.

Pick the right niche

That should be done before you even start, as this will be the main influence on the direction you will be taking. The niche will determine everything, from the site name to the type of products you will be selling.  If you however wish to ignore this advice feel free to sell adult entertainment on a website aimed at pregnant women and see for yourself how your choice of niche can influence your direction.

Hell hath no fury like a pregnant woman’s scorn. Sit back and watch these words play out before your very eyes. So pick your niche and stick with it.

So here are some guidelines and hints as to what needs to be done to ensure your path to success.

Plan your keyword

You may be overjoyed when you hear your favorite theremin player play Over the Rainbow on his instrument but that does not mean people will be searching for your website a lot. So the magic formulae here is to pick a niche with enough activity to interest the masses and have it close enough to your heart to interest yourself.

Later, as you get more proficient in Internet Marketing, picking a niche close to your heart would be far less of a concern since you already know what to do and knowing that you can in fact make some money keeps you motivated. How does one do this? Use Google Keyword Planner to research historical data for your chosen keyword.

Test your competition

If you are just starting out it may be wise to not pick the top ranking, fiercely competitive keywords because, frankly, you will not be able to rank for them. Big companies with even bigger advertising budgets already stepped into the limelight for these keywords.

However, you can still be successful, just take a close look at what the competition for your keyword looks like. No competition and a highly search keyword would of course be the ideal, but this would likely never happen, and even if it does, someone else will soon find it too.

A great way to look at the competition for your keyword is to inspect the cost per click suggestions that Google offers in the planning tool. This will effectively give you a broad idea on how fierce the competition would be.

Another great way to directly research a specific competitor is to probe their site through Google’s keyword planner to see which keywords they are ranking for and then stepping up your game to beat them at theirs.

Take actions

All the best intentions in the world and all your hours spent on researching keywords will mean nothing if you don’t incorporate it into a fully developed website. The decision ultimately lies with you, but when you do set out, try to rank for something of an actionable nature.

This will make converting your searches into sales that much more effective as you are simply providing them with a means to an end, which had been to acquire a specific product from the moment they started to search for your keyword.

There are money to be made with non-action keywords but converting a search into a sale is that much more harder. Sometimes websites ranking for these keywords do not even have a sales funnel but simply earn revenue by means of AdSense ads or other cost-per-click ( CPC ) networks.

In the very beginning you would want to select a chosen keyword with low organic competition, gradually moving up into more competitive keywords as you start earning. This will allow you to develop yourself while naturally growing into a bigger business able to support an advertising budget.

Picking the right product

How To Pick a Great Product to make money from clickbank

When pricking a product there are various tools in Clickbank that you can use to measure the performance of the products you are after. These tools provide data called metrics. A few metrics to look at is gravity and longevity.

The gravity of various products are essentially telling you what products are already selling well. If you pick a product with a high gravity, you can be sure to make a good number of sales if you promote it correctly. Normally people throughout the world has a general agreement on certain products, but you should know the target market you are aiming for.

Having a high gravity could be an excellent metric but this does not mean an e-book about pension funds will be selling well in your fashion niche. It is therefore of critical importance to match the product closely to your niche. Gauging the actual gravity metric it could be said that a product with a gravity of 40 and higher will be selling well.

A key metric to factor into this equation is longevity. An e-book about a popular event may have excellent sales during the course of the event, but will soon lay forgotten amongst many other failed products. It may still offer a good profit, but time invested here will not necessarily have a good return on investment.

A comic book series on the other hand may build a loyal following having customers come back regularly for the next episode, essentially creating a predictable revenue stream. Time spent marketing this product will also become less over time, with word of mouth taking a more prominent role in promoting your product for you.

Coaching an act

You have your website running, you have a good advertising campaign, bringing in at least some traffic. Now comes the part where you need to incite your visitors to buy your product. Your traffic could be coming from either paid advertising or Google, but the essentials remains the same. You need them to act. On the landing page, this can be achieved through a number of methods. The first option is to grab their attention with a visual headline, accompanied by pictures they can identify with.

So for instance, if you are selling a workout program, a headline stating what difference this product can make, together with a before and after picture usually gets the attention of your visitors long enough for them to take action. Another great way is to have a visually attractive “call to action” button, something inciting them to buy your product immediately.

A great thing about Clickbank products are the amount of video tutorials and testimonies available for most products. These can make very effective selling points if used correctly.

Popups can also be used to your advantage but they tend to annoy people, with about a third of visitors immediately navigating away from the page. So depending on the general technological aptitude amongst your general audience, this can either work or fail disastrously.

What does sometimes work well is a down sale. This can be done by offering a product that a visitor had looked at a few pages back at a discounted price while they are busy browsing your site.

Sometimes inciting action can be as easy as offering something for free, making for an attractive bundle if a visitor decides to buy a specific product. Depending on the free product you choose, this still makes Clickbank a very profitable venture

A key step that many affiliate marketers miss is to have a few different products in the same niche on display. This may sound counter-intuitive and likely to confuse your visitor, but in actual fact it serves a very specific purpose.

Having a few different products in the same niche on display could lead visitors into believing they have completed the evaluation phase, a key phase many users go through before taking actions. Ensuring that these products are all having enough reviews further strengthens your case for a call to action.

Feel free to take a close look at other successful affiliates, studying their landing pages and action techniques closely.

The financial side

Clickbank products usually do allow you to earn a very good percentage of the sale, but if the product is only worth a few dollars any profit you make will soon be overshadowed by the time spent promoting your product as well as the advertising cost.

However, the flipside of this is also true. Overly expensive products need a very focused strategy expertly implemented to incite an action from your visitors. The golden middle way differs between niches so it remains up to you to determine the perfect budget by studying the behavior of your intended audience.

This may take up a lot of your time in the beginning, leading to various dead ends with money wasted, but by doing proper niche and studying different sales techniques will definitely lead you to success.

Study the backend of your product

All vendors have a sales funnel attached to their product. This is the final step that you have to cross to earn commission. Be true to yourself when studying the backend. Would you buy this? Many vendors also offer upsells on their funnel pages, study these to make sure that your visitors will benefit from these.

Vendors also provide various banner ads, keyword lists and email templates to help you attract customers. Do these look professional or will they only serve to alienate your customers.

Apart from marketing these yourself, many top vendors also provide rewards or free products bundled with a sale. Does these add any value or does it seems like the bundle came in as an afterthought.

Consumer may not be aware of the various marketing activities happening online, but they are very sensitive to being sold something bundled together with a lot of junk.

Know the product

Picture yourself in a scenario where someone is busy selling you life insurance. You have various questions for the sales agent, half of which he cannot answer because he has not even bothered to review the insurance policy he is marketing.

Would you buy from someone like this? Most certainly not I presume. So in order to help you sell your chosen product most effectively, it is advisable to first go through the product yourself. This can be done by either buying it yourself or asking the vendor for a review copy, something most vendors performing well would be happy to oblige to.

If you choose not to do this, you may unknowingly promote a product filled with junk, which will soon destroy any credibility you have built or are trying to build.

To conclude this guide one final thing needs to be said. You may not succeed on your first attempt. Even your second attempt may fail disastrously. Keep going, you will thank yourself in the end. Rome was not built in one day and neither should you expect instant success.

Your journey will teach you valuable lessons and skills like marketing and optimization, so even in the unlikely event of not making any sales, the lessons learned on this journey can never be taking away from you.

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I Am Frank Joseph - I work fully online, building businesses online is my passion. If you want to learn from me, please read the FREE ebook ‘How to Make Money Online and Get Rich’: (just click my name)

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I Am Frank Joseph - I work fully online, building businesses online is my passion. If you want to learn from me, please read the FREE ebook ‘How to Make Money Online and Get Rich’: (just click my name)

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