How To Increase Domain Authority of Your Blog

How to Increase Your Domain Authority and Enhance Your Brand Image

Unless you have been living under a rock, I am sure that the phrase ‘domain authority’ is not new to you. But do you know what it really means and how it affects your website’s search engine ranking in Google? In this article I am going to tell you just that!

To a lot of newbie bloggers, domain authority is nothing but just another metric from Moz; nothing could be further from the truth!

How To Increase Domain Authority of Your Blog?

As a blogger it is important that you understand that domain authority can influence your rankings and increasing your website’s domain authority can offer you the following benefits:

a) You will get more organic traffic from Google as your search engine ranking position would be high. After all, both search engines and visitors trust websites with high domain authority to deliver high quality content.

b) You will be getting more comments to your articles

c) You will get more guest post offers. Nothing could be sweeter than this because you can get high quality content without even writing it! Believe it or not, most of these guest post writers don’t even bother to send offers to websites with low domain authority!

d) Make advertisers pay big for an advertisement on your website. You will also get offers for sponsored posts – yet another easy way to make money.

Believe it or not, advertisers are usually attracted to those websites which have a high domain authority because high domain authority equals high traffic

e) Make more money from the sales of your affiliate products because people will believe in your product recommendations due to the trust factor here, as I pointed out already

Now the big question is: how do you boost the domain authority of your website? Well don’t lose patience because now I am going to detail all the steps you should follow to achieve this goal.

How To Increase Domain Authority


Factors that influence the domain authority of a website:

a) The quantity of high quality backlinks (means, backlinks with high domain authority) pointing to the website.

b) The age of the domain of the website

c) The number of social media sites which share and link to the website’s content

d) The search engine ranking of the website

e) Organic traffic the website is getting from search engines as well as its Alexa rank (the lower the Alexa rank the higher amount of traffic the website gets)

f) Onsite SEO optimization of the website

In short, you can increase the domain authority of your website by increasing all the above factors (except for your domain age which you cannot change unless you buy an old expired domains at a premium price). Let me explain everything to you in greater detail:

Quantity of backlinks:

Quality Backlinks - How to Increase Domain Authority

Note that mere quantity won’t do you good if the majority of the backlinks pointing to your website are from irrelevant niches.

For instance, if you have a health blog and the backlinks you get are from p0rn websites, then no matter how high their quality may be, those links are useless! You should attempt to get backlinks from authority websites within YOUR niche.

For this same reason, getting paid links is useless as well. When building backlinks, it is important that you do not indulge in anything abnormal designed to manipulate your website’s search engine ranking.

Buying backlinks is one of them, and building tons of backlinks pointing to your website within a short amount of time is another.

Such manipulation tactics would do nothing but tag your website as ‘spammy’ in the eyes of Google and over time your domain authority would be decreased!

Guest Blogging Increase Domain Authority

Guest Blogging

Using guest posting as a backlink building method is great, but once again, you should not be writing tons of guest posts within a short period of time for the same reason: it just looks unnatural to search engines like Google!

If you have got backlinks from guest blogging networks, it is time to pause and wait for a while before getting more authority links from authority blogs.

Do not get backlinks from spammy sites, because such backlinks are only going to harm the rankings and the trust score of your website.

Some of this High Domain Authority Websites will not publish your Article for FREE, they might ask you to pay a certain amount of $$$ for the link. This is done to reduce the out-going links.

Social Media Sharing:

Social Media Sharing

To a lot of bloggers, social media means buying facebook likes, tweets, etc. However, such things won’t benefit you buddy.

When it comes to social media sharing, anything that looks spammy and unnatural is frowned upon by Google. Also, if your blog content is shared by other bloggers outside your niche then that won’t help your domain authority.

It is not enough to create high quality content, it is also equally important to get high quality shares too: preferably from blogs and websites with high domain authority within your niche.

When the other authority figures in your niche share your content, then it tells Google that your content is truly of high value.

This is truly the very essence of social media marketing and in time, such quality social media sharing would definitely increase the domain authority and overall rankings of your website.

Writing high quality content is not enough to get other authority blogs of your niche share your content. I mean, regardless of the quality of your content, why should they care really? Chances are that their own content is better than yours.

Now, if you are truly serious about getting social media shares from other authorities of your niche then be sure to share their high quality content on your blogs, comment on their blogs, interview them, build relationships with them, do something of value for them without asking for anything in return, etc.

The point is: get past their ego and in time you will get plenty of shares from these authority bloggers.

Linking to other bloggers also helps with SEO. A lot of bloggers wrongly believe that they should only care about who links to them and not who they link to; well they are just deluded because both are equally important.

When you are linking to the content of other bloggers you are basically upvoting their content. As a blogger, whose content you upvote matters a lot: both to Google and the person whose content you are upvoting!

Therefore you should always link to websites directly related to your niche; never ever link to websites not related to you as that would only hurt your search engine rankings.

Another thing which can hurt search engine rankings is linking to low quality blogs; you should always link only to blogs with high domain authority.

When you link to relevant content of other bloggers it increases the relevancy of your own content in the eyes of Google.

Going forward, such outbound linking can increase your website’s traffic (due to the relevancy factor at play here and also because when you link back to someone, more often than not they would inevitably link back to you), readership, as well your relationship with other bloggers, as I already pointed out.

You should also be an active participant on your own blog. If a reader posts a valuable comment, post an appropriate response to it. It tells the reader that you really care about them.

Also, if the reader has a website, visit it and post a comment on their blog. These kinds of activities help building solid relationships between you and your readers and would in turn encourage them to share your content over the social media.

Bounce Rate:


In order to gain domain authority, it is important to keep your website’s bounce rate to a minimum. Keeping the number of exits from your website to a minimum is important because the exit activity on your website can influence your ranking in Google.

Remember that your bounce rates and exit rates tell Google a lot about your website’s content. A high number of bounce rate or exit rate would automatically mean that your website’s content is not ‘sticky’ enough: that is, it is not good enough to make the visitors stick around for more, the reason why they exit.

When your website has a lot of high quality content, visitors won’t just want to leave your website and consequently your bounce rates and exit rates would be decreased.

Believe it or not, most of the authority blogs of your niche became authorities by virtue of keeping their bounce rates to a minimum! A site which has high quality content designed to keep the visitors stick around means that such a website deserves a high domain authority, don’t you think so? Well, so does Google.

Creating high quality content is however, just a part of the job. It is equally important to link to other related content within your blog! Such internal linking structure helps you not just with your SEO but also influences your website’s domain authority!

The sole aim of any serious blogger should be to decrease bounce rates and increase return rates; ironically, they are related to each other. Do you know what makes a person come repeatedly to your website or bookmark your website?

Well, quality content of course, the same thing that decreases bounce and exit rates. The higher your return rates are, the more Google would think of you as an authority; your domain authority would be further enhanced by the number of people who bookmark your website (especially Google chrome users): again, the more the merrier.

When you have got a cult following and loyal readership base for your blog it won’t matter much even if you get hit by some Google penalty or other in the future! Yet another thing you should do is to promote your blog as a brand. Good branding enhances your reader base.

When you promote the brand image of your blog, you get more word-of-mouth traffic. Hence, it is important to choose a name for your blog which is not just keyword friendly but also brandable and easy to memorize.

Some of the things you can do to enhance your blog’s brand image are:

How to Enhance your blog brand

a) Create pages or accounts for promoting your blog on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest. etc;

b) Be a webinar host;

c) Presell your future blog posts to your visitors so that the moment your future post gets published you will not only get a huge amount of traffic but also an enhanced brand image;

d) Create a T-shirt with your brand image or logo on it and give it away to your blog readers and visitors;

e) Turn your text content into other forms of media: again a solid way to get more visitors and promote your brand image

Site Pagespeed:

Site pagespeed

Don’t you dislike those websites which take ages to load? Chances are that, you exit them through your browser before even reading their content.

Well, unless your website’s pagespeed is fast, the same thing might be happening to you as well! Thus, pagespeed, along with website content, is an influential factor in determining a website’s bounce rate.

If you want to increase your domain authority, it is not just enough to get quality content added; it is equally important to make your website user friendly by optimizing your website.

A website which offers both a great user experience and high quality content gets a high domain authority! When your website has an excellent pagespeed, it helps Google crawl your website more easily and consequently, both your SEO rankings and domain authority are increased.

Pagespeed also increases traffic to your website because a website with a great pagespeed is compatible not just with computers but also with mobile devices.

By enhancing the pagespeed of your website, you will be attracting the mobile crowd as well which is quite a significant number.

Thankfully you don’t have to scratch your head too much over pagespeed as Google offers a free tool to tell you the pagespeed of your website as well as ways you can increase it!

Quality content:

Quality Content

All the while I have been talking about how creating high quality content is the key to getting high quality backlinks from other sites and thus increasing your domain authority. In this part of the article I will tell you what makes quality content:

a) Infographics are a rage now. If you don’t know how to create one, hire somebody to do it for you. Believe me, it is worth the investment.

A lot of people love infographics and thus, this is also one of the easiest ways to get backlinks from other webmasters.

Be sure to make your infographics design shareable by means of an embed code which other bloggers can use to embed it on their websites!

b) Lists posts offer dual benefits: it offers you a chance to link back to other quality blogs, and also makes your post more shareable. A lot of people read and share list-type posts more than any other type of posts

c) No matter how knowledgeable you think you are, it is very important to offer proof of your credibility to your visitors. Use testimonials and case studies as a way to generate credibility among your readers.

d) If there is an easy way to build relationships with and get backlinks from other authority bloggers, it is by interviewing them, not to mention that you are getting yet another type of quality content to share on your blog.

Be sure to encourage that interviewee to share the interview on his blog too so that you can get a backlink from him!

The more you post these kinds of content, the more backlinks and social shares you will get from others. In time your domain authority will definitely increase by leaps and bounds as you are posting quality, shareable content.


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I Am Frank Joseph - I work fully online, building businesses online is my passion. If you want to learn from me, please read the FREE ebook ‘How to Make Money Online and Get Rich’: (just click my name)

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I Am Frank Joseph - I work fully online, building businesses online is my passion. If you want to learn from me, please read the FREE ebook ‘How to Make Money Online and Get Rich’: (just click my name)

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    I don’t know who is writing this post but this is what I was looking for. My domain’s DA is quite low I m trying to increase it with help of this post.

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      Thank you Anil Saini,
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    I was unaware of the domain authority and how to increase it too. But after reading your article i came to know, what it is and it’s importance. I will try to follow the footprints in order to increase my domain authority. Few quality links are better that 100 of poor link, this is what i am going to follow.

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    I have been trying hard to increase domain authority of my blog, but even after working for few months, I haven’t seen any improvements.

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      You just need quality links from authority websites and am Pretty sure your site DA will increase.
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    Indeed a great post about domain authority.

    Domain authority is the most popular website metric developed by Moz. It is said that If the Domain authority of any site is high then that site will perform better in search engines and will gain more traffic.

    Domain authority help us to determine to quality of a site.

    To improve domain authority, We must have to gain quality backlinks and should must have to maintain the content quality on our website.

    Having high DA helps a lot while ranking any content in SERPs.

    I am glad that you have covered detailed article on it. Thanks for sharing it with us. 😀


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