Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac

Not many people understand the uses of Screen capture that goes beyond professional uses involving video guide production or presentations.

This also points out that normal users could benefit from this feature through online video streaming, Skype call recording, recording and saving live conferences or webinars for later viewing.

All these are made possible by simple screen capture software like the Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac or Windows

Movavi for Mac

Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac

This software is specialized for Mac with perfect toolkit for recording and editing. You could record video chats, games, screencasts, webcam or online video like YouTube. Movavi also allows using special effects, changing audio tracks, inserting captions, watermarks etc.

You will have to simply save and burn them in DVDs. These can be formatted for iPod, iPad and iPhone. The software comes with an array of attractive features:

  • It captures and saves Mac screen in an editable and popular format and also offers full-screen screen cast recording with high resolution retina display or just chosen part of the screen. Customized for any apple device, these videos offer smooth screencasts.
  • The software allows 60fps fast screen capture to make the best videos. You could even move the window you are capturing between the processes due to the smart-capture frame that follows capturing window movements.
  • It has an amazing feature of saving files in popular formats for Apple or other devices. They are extremely compatible with Mac OS X as well as desktops, laptops or mobiles.You could use handy and readymade presets to encode videos for playing on your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV and other chosen devices.
  • The software is smart enough to record your voice using a built-in or USB microphone, thus eliminating the need for other software. It can also capture tracks from online videos, media players and even record system sounds.
  • To give you a smooth, high-quality professional output for your video, the screen is captured up to 30 frames per second. There are preset modes for games, screencasts, and online videos etc.Which are adapted perfectly to the screen activity of your preference. The settings allow you to use default features or set it up manually for capturing the way you want.
  • The capture-screen feature is designed to use all of your PCs processing power to capture your favorite games without any system freeze or delays.
  • Movavi allows editing of your captured screenshots as per your requirements like splitting, rotating, merging and transforming video files and also while applying special effects like Chroma key effect.You could also add your favorite audio track; use watermarks, captions and logos; adjust contrast and brightness etc.
  • You could share your customized clips on YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo in any video format like MP4, avi, mpeg, flv etc.On the other hand, there are options to convert them to mobile devices like Samsung, iPhone, Blackberry, Sony PSP, HTC etc.

All these major features have placed Movavi favorably among users. With the added advantage of being cheaper than other options, Movavi is considered a winner even among its competitors.

This simple product is available with online retailers like Amazon and the only thing you need is a quality webcam.


Most screencast products are made for business, education, web productions streaming or on-demand videos. The software’s main job is to capture and integrate screen shots to make a quality video that can be posted on YouTube, your own websites, webcasts or be sold. Owning a Movavi studio for Mac will be beneficial in lot of ways depending on your intentions.

  • For education, this is the right tool to be used for live or on-demand material for your classes.
  • This is the best option if you want to post on YouTube about step by step instructions on gaming with the character in action.
  • Users often vouch that this tool is the best, user friendly software till date with a blend of various powerful features. This gives professional quality output with minimal hassle.
  • Even if you don’t use the editor, once the video is integrated, your saving options will give a wide array of file types for streaming it live, for burning on DVDs, cloud storage etc.
  • It is also compatible to input devices from third parties like microphones.
  • The application is capable of analyzing keyboard and mouse movements by showing mouse movements and keyboard strokes in screen.
  • Video quality enhancement is made possible by extensive video editing tools collection and this allows you to trim, reorganize and edit video and add transitions of your choice in between to give the video a customized look.
  • You could make modified videos by making use of recording area, customizing the frame rate and choosing your own audio tracks.

With Movavi, you will realize that professional video recording is a piece of cake due to the high end, user friendly tools that can be accessed with just a few clicks.

Once you are done, you could optimize your video to play on the device you intend to. It is even suitable for normal users in recording Skype calls which comes in handy while recording your loved ones videos forever.


Majority of Movavi customers are positive about the product and have given good reviews on it on the online websites. The product performs really well but some points need to be considered:

  • Though it allows all major recording functions, the software does not allow scheduled recording.
  • There is a common complaint that the product is not given required support with the base in Russia.


Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac comes with an extensive range of editing tools and amazing features which makes it one of the best comprehensive webcam video capturing software.

With its most advanced Super Speed mode, can give you the fastest performance. Online tutorials will enable you get to the most out of its features.

This is a complete screen recording system that gives the output in terms of high-quality, professional videos in simple steps.

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I Am Frank Joseph - I work fully online, building businesses online is my passion. If you want to learn from me, please read the FREE ebook ‘How to Make Money Online and Get Rich’: (just click my name)

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