How To Set Up A Blog At Wix In Under 1 Hour

Step By Step Guide On How To Set Up A Blog At Wix In Under 1 Hour

It seems like everyone either has a blog or wants to start one. Well, creating your own blog has never been easier. By using Wix, you can create a blog and get started writing your first blog post in minutes.

In this guide to creating a blog at Wix, we’ll go step by step and show you how to choose a template, customize the look and feel of your new blog, connect your very own domain name and then begin writing your first post.

Step 1. Create An Account At Wix

Go to and click on Sign Up. Input your email address and choose a password and you’re now all set to get started using your account.

Time: 5 minute

Step 2. Add A Blog And Choose A Template

Browse the many templates offered in their free website builder and choose one that’s to your liking. There is a huge range of templates available, so you will be sure to find something that fits your niche! If you’re a bit more experienced, you can take a crack at starting with a blank template and build your design from there.

Time: 5 minutes

Step 3. Customize Your Layout

The template you picked earlier was just a starting guide. Now it’s time to truly customize the layout. You can pick colors, change the font, add images and add features like a newsletter signup box. We recommend looking at some of the Social Buttons that Wix offers. You can easily link to your Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. If you want to ensure that people will see your social buttons, you can quicly use the editor to adjust the button sizes to make them larger.

Time: 5 minutes

Step 4. Pick A Domain Name

Choosing the name of your domain is one of the most important things you’ll do. The reason being that you shouldn’t ever change it. The name of your blog should match the title of your blog.

If the domain you want is already taken, you have two choices. You can choose a different domain extension. For example, you can pick a “.net” or a “.co“. If you really want a .com domain you can choose a longer name or one with dashes.

Time: 5 minutes

Step 5. Write Your Title And Description

At the top of you blog, your title should be clearly visible. Your title is really important, as it’s how people will remember your site. Your font, color scheme and title are what branding is all about.

Below your title, write a short description of your site. Sometimes, the title you pick doesn’t clearly describe what your blog is about.

You’ll also want to make sure your title and description are “keyword-rich”. This means you should choose phrases that people would search on Google. This way, users can find your blog more easily.

Time: 5 minutes

Step 6. Craft Your First Post

Okay you’ve now made it to the last step. Now it’s time to start your first blog post. If you’re stuck on what to write, realize that nobody is actually even reading your blog at the moment since it’s new. If you want to get a few ideas about what to write, you can check out Wix’s blog to get some inspiration.

The best blog post is the one that’s live on your site. So if you’re stuck staring at a blank screen, just write something and hit publish!

Time: 10 minutes

Step 7. Fill Up Your Blog

Before deciding to start promoting your blog, you’re going to need a lot of content. You don’t really want to start getting traffic when your blog is new. After all, there’s not much there to see.

If you do get some traffic, they will see a practically empty blog and they’ll leave. Instead, spend the first few days creating as much good quality content as possible. Not only will Google appreciate it, your future visitors will too. You can also read through some of the Wix blog post about SEO to learn a bit about keywords and how to optimize your posts. This will help to attract more viewers to your blog in the future.

Time: 20 minutes

Total Time: 55 minutes

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