How To Steal Your Competitors Backlinks And Outrank Them!

I’m going to show you how you can steal your competitors backlinks and outrank them in Google… for free!

The goal of SEO is to move your site to the top of Google’s rankings. How you go about in doing that is up to you, but there may come a time when your results begin to plateau. You’re doing everything right, but there are still sites ahead of you. What are your options at this point?

You could be mastering on-site and off-site SEO in an attempt to climb the Google rankings ladder, yet still there are those pesky 4 or 5 sites ahead of you who do not budge. It can be downright frustrating.

The reality is that these other sites are also making all the same moves you’re making. They’re not doing anything wrong to relinquish their spots.

Rather than just accept your current reality, it’s time to take drastic steps to leapfrog ahead of them for your desired keywords.
I’m here to tell you that you can can outsmart them and take their rankings away.

Here is a step by step guide on how to steal your competitors backlinks and outrank them.

Why You’re Losing To Your Competition

Your competition is ranking better in Google than you for two reasons: on site SEO and off site SEO.

On site SEO is what’s in your website (design, content, images, links)

You must first master on-site SEO before you go about and try to steal your competitors backlinks. If your site is not properly optimized for SEO, you are wasting your time.

Off site SEO is essentially the quality and quantity of your backlinks.

In order to outrank your competition you need more authority backlinks than they have. This is the real key in boosting your site in Google’s search results. This is why you are losing to your competition.

Study And Learn From The Competition

They are ahead of you for a reason. Is their site older? Do they have more content? What about more engaging content? Do they have more backlinks? What about more quality backlinks?

There are countless reasons why their site is better than yours in Google’s eyes. It is up to you to learn from them. No amount of reading an SEO book is going to teach you as much as an in-depth analysis of your competitors is.

The main culprit as to why your site is not at the top of Google’s rankings is backlinks. Not just the quantity but the quality.

Do you know what a quality backlink is? Well, if you study which sites link to your top competitors, you will see which backlinks are helping them be at the top.

You can get a list of your competitors’ backlinks using SEM Rush. This resource is invaluable to a blogger who wants to get more traffic from Google. They scour the web and compile all sorts of useful information that you need to rank in Google.
Go to Google and search for your desired keyword. Choose a site that ranks higher than yours and input the url in the box below.

You will get a list of their strongest backlinks. This is the reason their site is higher than your site. They have these precious backlinks and you don’t.

SEM Rush may not be able to find all of the backlinks, so you can look at other sources to find all your competitors backlinks. Services include Moz Open Site Explorer, Majestic, Cognitive SEO Site Explorer, and Ahrefs Site Explorer.

Now that we have this information it’s time to take action and attempt to outrank them.

Side note: If you’re on page 2, your goal should be to make it to page 1. If you’re #6, your goal should be to make it to #5. This process is more realistic and shouldn’t take too long to accomplish. Don’t bother setting your sights on #1 unless you’re right below them.

Make A List Of Potential Link Targets To Steal

Scour this list of your competitors backlinks. Visit each site and see how they are linking to your opponent. Backlinks come in many forms. Some are better than others.

High Quality Backlinks

Of course, we’re only interested in getting your competitors’ high quality links. Examples of high quality backlinks include:

  • Editorial backlinks. The best quality link is one in which your blog post is mentioned within someone else’s article. It could be listed as a resource for more information on a topic being discussed.
  • Guest posts. It is a valuable backlink to get your content published on a site that has a high domain authority.
  • Resource pages. Many sites have a “Resources” page. The good ones are well curated, categorized and include a description of each site. The best quality ones come from .edu or .gov domains.

Low Quality Backlinks

We’re going to ignore their low quality backlinks and let them keep those. Examples of low quality backlinks include:

  • Directories. Backlink profiles are diverse and may also include lower quality links too. It’s only natural. But do not bother trying to take backlinks from directories. These links are freely gotten and are not very targeted.
  • Comment links. Blog comment backlinks are common, and while not hurtful, certainly won’t help your site climb Google’s rankings. Don’t pay attention to these links in your competitors backlink report.
  • Forum links. Some forum links may have some weight. For example, if it’s coming from a popular post on a niche forum, it may have some weight. But for the most part, ignore these links.

Go to each quality backlink and look for the contact info of the site owner. You will also want to note whether it’s an editorial backlink, a guest post backlink or a resource page backlink. Input all of this information into a spreadsheet.

These links will be our targets.

How To Steal Your Competitors Backlinks

How To Steal Your Competitors Backlinks Free And Outrank Them!

Once we have compiled a list of targets, we will now begin to copy and steal these quality backlinks.

Editorial Backlinks

By far the best link you can acquire is what I call an editorial backlink. These links come from within the content of a highly ranked existing blog post.

Look through your competitors’ backlink profile and highlight these links. They are the secret weapon to climbing over your competition.

The task here is to email the site owner and ask them to add your backlink to this page… and to remove your competitors’ link.

Getting someone to remove a backlink and replace it with yours is a real double whammy. Not only do you bring your competition down, but you lift yourself up too.

Remember, you are merely asking the webmaster to link to your better quality article. If you have indeed created a better resource than your competition, then you deserve and have earned that backlink fair and square.

Guest Posts

Guest posts from article directories are just about worthless. As are guest posts from sites with a high spam score. But if your competitor has some backlinks from quality blogs, these are the ones you need to get too.

Email the site owner and ask them if you can submit a guest post. Provide a little background on yourself and links to other articles you’ve written that have been published elsewhere. Also be sure to include some article topics you have in mind that you feel would connect with their readers.

Many site owners will have a contact page where they will state what their guest post policy is. Follow it precisely and hope your article gets accepted. If it does, you’ve just gained a valuable backlink your competitor also has.

Resource Pages

If your competitor has 5 resource links, that means they were able to email the site owner and got their links posted. Not only that, but we know these links helped them rank higher than you.

Take advantage of this and copy their work. Email the site owner and let them know that your site is a valuable resource that can be helpful to their readers. List examples of your top posts to prove your worth to them.


Don’t get too caught up by the word stealing. Think of it like doing research and then learning from your competition. That’s just business.

Is this strategy to outrank your competition immoral?

Well, common logic tells us that if your site moves up, that means other sites are moving down. This is just a reality. There are winners and there are losers.

If you don’t feel comfortable implementing these strategies, then don’t. But don’t be surprised if your competition is doing these tactics against you right now.

There’s fierce competition out there on the SEO landscape. If you find yourself playing defense you’ve already lost the game. The way to excel at SEO is to go on the offensive and smother your opponents before they even get a chance to respond.

In other words, see what they are doing – and do it better. If you do this, you will soon outrank them and climb your way to the top of Google’s search results.

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