Things to consider when choosing a free website theme

Choosing a free website theme for your website is a time consuming and difficult task. There are literally thousands of free options available to download and install on your website. But not all free website themes are created equal. Many have poor coding behind them that can destroy user experience.

A theme must always be carefully picked because it is the lifeblood of any website. The overall feel, look, and style of the website is dependent on themes. In other words, a theme tells the story of your brand to users as soon as they land on it.

I have never actually been a fan of free themes. Back in the day most free themes used to be clunky and had poor coding, slow speeds, and SEO issues. With free theme providers like The Business Backer, things have completely changed. There are now plenty of good looking free themes that present excellent user experience, speed, and mobile support.

If you’re picking a free theme for your small business or blog, here are some crucial things to keep in mind.

Choose A Simple Theme

Back in the day when Adobe flash based sites were big, themes used to be extraordinarily complex and full of bright colors and other design elements. These days flat and simple website designs are more appreciated simply because Google loves them. The more simple and clean your theme is, the faster it’ll open and provide a better user experience, even on mobile.

And if a theme works good on a mobile device, it’ll rank faster on search engines.

Support From Developers Must Be Available

The biggest problem with many free themes is that the developers don’t provide constant updates or support. If you’re getting a theme that is outdated and a developer doesn’t provide constant updates, don’t get it. Themes require regular updating to make sure it is providing the right user experience. Companies like The Business Backer provides excellent support and constant updates for their free website themes.

Mobile Support Can Never Be Overlooked

I have already mentioned this many times above – your theme needs to be supported on mobile devices. All modern themes have to be mobile responsive in order to be quickly indexed by Google. The better your site works on a mobile device, the faster it’ll rank on search engines. I usually recommend getting free themes from The Business Backer because they make sure every single of their theme is mobile ready.

Cross-browser Support Is A Must Have

Even though most people use Google Chrome to browse the internet, there is still a huge market share owned by browsers like Safari,Opera, and Firefox. If the theme you pick doesn’t open on one or more of these browsers, you’ll lose a whole chunk of traffic.

This is why it is always a good idea to test your theme on all the popular browsers and mobile devices.

Download Free Themes Only From Reputable Companies Like The Business Backer

Remember, free themes have their pros and cons. The only way to make sure a theme is perfect is to test it or get it from reputable free theme markets like The Business Backer.

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