7 Tips To Increase Your Twitter Followers

7 Tips To Increase Your Twitter Followers

If you want your new website to be a success you need to be actively promoting it on Twitter.  But tweeting won’t get you much traffic if you don’t have followers. In this post I’ll go through some key tips to increase your Twitter followers.

Your Profile Needs To Look Good

If your Twitter profile (or Facebook page for that matter) is not visually appealing, you won’t get many followers so it’s important that you take the time to design your Twitter profile.

The name of the game is to encourage engagement from a Twitter user. You want them to notice your profile instantly and turn them into a follower. The next step after that is to turn them into a visitor on your website and ultimately into a paying customer.

So let’s first design your Twitter profile.

1. Have A Great Profile Photo

Your profile photo needs to be a photo of your face. If you want people to engage with your profile and follow you, retweet your posts and visit your website, you need to be a real person.

Profile photos on Twitter are not very big, so choose a close up picture of your face. Here are some tips on creating the perfect Twitter profile photo.

  • Eye contact. You should be looking forward, directly at the camera. Eye contact, even from a photograph, is important.
  • Smile. Give a big smile, it will make you seem likable and confident.
  • Dress nice. Your profile photo should be a headshot, which means the top of your shirt will be showing. Dress sharply and stay away from t-shirts.

2. Take Advantage Of Twitter Cover Photos

Many people ignore using cover art or simply waste this space with a pointless picture. This is a crucial mistake on their part but also an opportunity for you to set yourself apart from the crowd.

Your cover photo should be one of the following:

  • Panoramic picture. A beautiful panoramic shot with you doing an activity is always a good look. If could be you on top of a mountain, riding a bike or at the beach. It’s important to note that you need to be in the picture.
  • Your logo and tagline. If your website is not personal and more business-like, then your logo and a short tagline works. Your logo should have the title of your blog and the tag line should be a one sentence witty description of what your site is about.

3. Write A Kick Ass Profile Bio

Your Twitter bio needs to be short and sweet. You have only 160 characters to work with, so you need to choose your words wisely. While the profile photo and cover art are visual, your bio is not.

If you’ve enticed them visually they will then head your bio. This is your chance to turn a Twitter user into a follower, don’t blow it!

  • The first sentence of your bio should state your name and what you do. Don’t forget to add your url.
  • The second sentence should provide social proof. Say why someone should listen to you. You can tout your experience, where you’ve been published or your qualifications.
  • The last sentence should be a call to action to follow your profile and visit your website.

You can look at my Twitter to see how I implement all of these strategies.

Now that we have designed a visually appealing Twitter profile, it’s now time to get some eyeballs on your profile.

Identify Influencers

No matter what your blog or website is about, there are others in the same field who are ahead of you. These are the leaders of your industry and you need to know who they are.

The influences in your industry will have a lot of Twitter followers and will likely be making a lot of money from the traffic their Twitter account gets.

With Twitter, you can see exactly who the followers of any industry leader are. And guess what? These are the same group of people who could and should be following your Twitter profile.

Begin Following Targeted Users

Next, you will need to target the recent followers of the influencers’ account to try and get them to follow your Twitter account as well.

Click on their followers and begin following some of the Twitter accounts on their followers list.

The key here is not to follow everyone. Doing so will possibly get your account locked or suspended. You cannot follow more than 1,000 in a day and you can’t follow more than 5,000 (unless you have over 5,000 followers of your own). After 5,000 followers you can follow only 10% more than your total follower count.

You will want to visit each profile that has a profile image (because if it has an egg they’re not very active on Twitter). See if this person has a recent tweet and if they retweet content. If they do, that’s a prime target to follow.

Following by hand one by one might seem like a lot of work, but I’d rather follow 500 quality accounts than 5,000 random ones.

Within a few days of following these targeted accounts, you’ll begin to see some of them follow you back.

These followers are gold! They will be the ones who will share your tweets and help your Twitter account grow exponentially.

Direct Message Your Followers

In order to convert a regular follower into an engaged follower who will share your content, you need to start a conversation with them. Just a quick message to let them know you appreciate the follow is enough to get them to remember you.

When someone receives a direct message on Twitter, it’s often sent as a push notification on their smartphone. That’s a very personal way to connect with someone.

When you receive a follow, send a non-automated follow up message. You can copy/paste but be sure to personalize at least the first sentence.

Your DM should follow this template:


Hello (insert their name, look it up on their Twitter name or bio),

Thank you for your recent follow!

(Make a comment about something you saw on their profile).

(Ask them a question).

(Your name, your URL)


With this tactic you are doing the following:

  • Being personal by addressing them by name.
  • Being grateful for their follow.
  • Showing you took the time to look at their profile.
  • Engaging in a conversation about a topic they are interested in.
  • Leaving your name and website url.

The end result will be a Twitter user who will be actively promoting your content to their circle of followers.

If you implement the tactics I’ve outlined in this article, you will soon begin to see a snowball effect, and thus you’ll see your Twitter follower count begin to grow exponentially!

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